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Thread: Which name?

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    Which name?

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    I adore Sophie.

    Henry Everett GrayJack Rowan AugustTheodore Milo AtlasOliver Bennett Wolf
    Charlotte Eliza BirdieSophie Anne LavenderPoppy Isobel Margaret

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    I like Ivy and Riley

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    Ivy is gorgeous

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    Asa Peregrine Jude
    Jasper Leo Augustin
    Bruno Sebastian Wilde
    Arthur Jules Hawthorn

    Little Lassies
    Sylvie Ada Juniper
    Thea Marigold Noor
    June Eliza Primrose
    Etta Wildflower Jane

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    I like Ivy
    These are my current favorites:

    Augustus James, Elijah Brooks, Jasper Harrison, Levi Sebastian, Malcolm Samuel & Wesley Theodore

    Calliope Kate, Juniper Esme, Margot Genevieve, Octavia Sage, Penelope Ingrid & Phoebe Juliette

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    My favourite is Ivy. Sophie is also lovely, but is very popular in my age group ~20 where I live, while Sophia is very common for young children. Ivy is more interesting, but still familiar
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    I would choose Ivy, but I think Sophie and Quinn are nice too.

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    Sophie and Riley are cute, but a little too common for my personal taste. Ivy is super cute and has a little freshness to her, but still feels classic. I also love Quinn, though I'm in the minority here of folks who don't mind unisex names

    Ivy Quinn would be totally adorable!

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    I like Sophie
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    I love Ivy and Quinn from your list!
    Emmeline Theodora Alice - Genevieve Xanthia Haley - Josephine Georgia Wilder -
    Sophia Sibella Marjory

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