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    Down to 2

    We have chosen the top 2 after thinking about it for a few days!

    1. Margot Rosalie - I really like the flow of this name and Margot has been my favorite name since my last pregnancy, although my daughter ended up being named Harper because she kicked the most at that name and I knew it was her name. I love the beauty in the name Margot and I also love how you don’t hear it too often. For Rosalie, this is an honor name for my late grandmother. This is also kind of an honor name for my boyfriend as well. I didn’t know this, but my boyfriend and my late grandmother have the same birthday. I’ve been thinking about my grandmother a lot lately and I’ve been seeing her name a lot too. I think I am starting to love this one and picturing her being a Margot Rosalie.
    2. Layla Wren - I still really like this name as well. I think it’s cute and unique. There is not much of a connection, but for the first trimester, I thought that this would be the name I would choose for a girl. The name Layla has been coming up a lot too, as well as the name Wren. I have no idea why.

    I love both names, but I do need your help and advice.

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    Margot Rosalie is absolutely stunning!! Margot is so spunky and fits perfect with Rosalie!
    I am usually not a huge fan of the name Layla but it sounds pretty paired with the name Wren
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    Margot Rosalie is perfect!!! I love that you have a personal connection to it and I think it's a timeless name. Layla Wren is also sweet but my favorite is definitely Margot Rosalie.

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    I much prefer Layla Wren. Very pretty!
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    Margot Rosalie sounds like the winner for you to me. There seems to be much more love in that combo, than the other. Layla Wren is very nice too though, and I do actually prefer it myself, however, Margot Rosalie is definitely screaming front-runner for your family!

    If you're really not sure, and have no real need to finalise a name right now, perhaps hold both in mind and decide when you meet her - Layla and Margot both have very different vibes to me, so she might fit one more than the other.

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    Both are lovely so you cant go wrong but i love the flow, fhe feel and the meaning of Margot Rosalie
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    Margot Rosalie!
    So beautiful! I like Harper and Margot together, they share the "ar" sound but otherwise very different
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    Margot Rosalie is gorgeous and meaningful!
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    I like Margot Rosalie the best! I agree that Harper and Margot sounds like sisters!
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    Of the two, I prefer Margot Rosalie, although you could also go with Margot Wren.

    Layla has a bad personal connection for me...


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