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    Thoughts on Samson

    Currently, have a new crush on Samson and curious what any of your thoughts and first impressions are.

    Too biblical or no (not religious)? Too outdated? Would you prefer in the first or middle spot? It has that cozy feeling I like with good nn possibilities (Sam, Sammy, Sonny) and feels like it could be due for a comeback.

    Thanks, x
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    I love the story behind the Samson, and I'm not religious at all. I would use it.

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    I love Samson!!!
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    I’m not familiar with the Biblical story that others will associate with Samson, but I like it quite a bit! I love the nn Sam and Samson is a great way to get there or to honor a Sam as a mn.

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    I like Samson a lot as an alternative to Samuel! It sounds much fresher to me. I love the nicknames Sam or Sonny too.

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    I love Samson! I don’t think it’s too biblical.

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    While I am familiar with the Bible association, I dont think it's too strong. It just seems like a fresher version of Samuel to me. I wouldnt say it's as biblically tied as Noah or Jonah
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    I really love Samson. I think it's a great "Sam" alternative to Samuel. I like that it's uncommon, but familiar.

    I don't think it's "too religious", but even if it does remind people of the Biblical character, it's a story of humility, forgiveness, and strength so definitely not a bad connotation.
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    I love Samson! It feels really familiar but distinctive
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    I like it and prefer it over Samuel.

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