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    Looking for a 1 or 3+ syllable middle name for Ezra

    Hi everyone! My name is Ezra, and I'm a transgender man. I'm looking for a middle name. My last name is very unusual so I won't share it but it begins with an A and is also two syllables, think something like Allen. Since both my first name and surname are two syllables, I think a 1 or 3 or more syllable name would flow best in the middle, but I've had a hard time finding a suitable name. I don't like any super common, like William or Benjamin, and I'd prefer to avoid Biblical names since they can seem too Biblical combined with Ezra since I'm not religious. Both my brother and dad have Scottish names, and I have Irish heritage on both sides of my family, so I like the idea of having a name with roots in either of those cultures. But nearly all the names I've found have two syllables. I am considering Oisin, since the accent is on the second syllable (I think?) which makes the flow better IMO, but I don't love it. Do you have any suggestions? They don't have to be Irish or Scottish but that's a plus!

    To give you an idea for my style, some of my favorite names are: Eve, June, Sonya, Leah, Julian (but I have a close friend w that name so can't use it), Marcel, and Rowland.

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    Ezra Rafferty would be my top choice!
    Ezra Hal (Hal is the Scottish form of Jack)
    Ezra Keir
    Ezra Ciaran
    Ezra Seamus
    Ezra Ross
    Ezra Jamison
    Ezra Felix
    Ezra Sean

    Maybe go for a Scottish/Irish last name?
    Ezra Sullivan or Ezra Finnegan come to mind
    Milo Peter 2015

    Otis Henry is here! 💞

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    Ezra Dante (Dante means "enduring")
    Ezra Hugh
    Ezra Duncan
    Ezra Simon (may be a bit too Biblical though)
    Ezra Brady
    Ezra Eamon
    Bjorn Knox
    Jasper Lorenz
    Dane Sylvan
    Titus Andrew
    Jonah Oliver
    Arlo Maxim

    Seren Juniper Snow
    Celia Rosemary Jane
    Esme Opal Belle
    Signe Hazel
    Cleo Simone
    Arabella Wren

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    Harriet Elizabeth Rose 'Hattie'
    Born December '18

    Ideas for #2:

    Florence Lily Charlotte 'Flo/Florrie/Flora'

    Alice. Constance. Matilda. Ophelia. Theodora. Flora. Clara.

    Edward Alexander Charles 'Eddie/Ned/Ted/Teddy'

    Arthur. Felix. Rufus. Sebastian. Theodore. Wilfred. Stanley.

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    Emma Louise - future zookeeper, current namenerd

    Cassius Mercury "Cash" . Ianthe Venus "Thea" . Augustine Earth "Gus" . Caspian Mars "Cap" . Elias Jupiter "Jem" . Alexandria Saturn "Alex" . Ezekiel Uranus "Zeke" . Koa Neptune "Kip"

    Human to dogs Carmel, Rainier Paxton, Ryder James, and Jay Gatsby "Gatz", and kitten Phinneas McDougal

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