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    Jensen for a girl?

    What are your thoughts on the name Jensen for a girl? I know a lot of people people only see Jensen as a boy name, but it sounds feminine to me. I also know a lot of people hate names that are traditionally boy names for girls, but I’m fine with it. So I’m wondering if Jensen is too much of a “stretch” and everyone would assume she was a boy, and just what people think of the name?
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    I think it shares a lot of similarities with other unisex names - like Emerson, Addison, Avery, Logan or Mason - boyish and traditionally masculine but with sounds that link them to girls names and also the potential for girly nicknames. In Jensen's case, she could easily be a Jenna, Jeni, Jen, Jessie, JJ, or an Essie. I think it could work
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    I went to school with a female Jensen in high school, she seems to wear the name well enough. We were never friends, so I don`t know how she really got on in school with it, but I definitely think it works.
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    This one is all boy to me, and I think people would definitely assume your child is a boy with the name Jensen.

    However, if you like it who cares what people think? Essie or Jenny would definitely feminize it.
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    I went to school with a female Jensen. I like it!

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    I prefer it on a boy but I think it works well on any gender, so if you love it on a girl then go for it.
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    I went to college with a woman named Jensen. It suited her well and I never thought it sounded like a male name.

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    All boy to me...
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    I don't really like it on either gender, and would see it more as a boys name but I definitely think a girl could wear it well
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    I had a female Jensen in class a few years ago, so it feels pretty normal to me.

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