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    Naming a baby???

    Hey all!!! Why is baby naming so hard. Esp after having one. My daughters name is Eliana and my fiancé and I can’t seem to agree on a name if we have another daughter. I want something that isn’t to popular but also not to crazy. That goes well with Eliana but has nicknames as well...

    Names I love that he vetoed
    Alivia or Olivia

    I want a name that we will love as much as we love our Ellie’s name!!! 😔

    Here are some names I like. Can you tell me weigh you like... and also maybe suggest some??

    Alexa Mae
    Jocelyn Mae
    Vivienne Mae
    Juliet Mae
    Emilia Mae
    Alexandra Mae

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    I’m Josslyn so I like your choice of Jocelyn, especially with nn Lynn
    I also like Alexa(ndra) nn Lexi and Juliet nn Julie
    Emilia is great, but Emmy and Ellie or Ellie and Millie are a bit too matchy...
    With Vivienne I hate the nn Vivi, it just sounds kind of ditzy to me

    If I were you, I would go with Natalia.
    Natalia Mae sounds beautiful, and so do Eliana and Natalia. Nickname options are Nat or Talia, cute and avoid overlap with Ellie as there is no ie ending

    Anya (Ann)
    Cornelia (Nell)
    Beatrix (Bea or Trixie)
    Brianna (Bree)
    Magdalene (Lena)
    Arabella (Ari, Bella)
    Dominique (Minnie)
    Carlotta/Charlotte (Carlie, Charlie or Lottie)
    Milo Peter 2015

    Otis Henry is here! 💞

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    Thank you! I don’t mind Emmy and Ellie. The aren’t to to match to me. They atleast sound like different names.
    From your list I like Charlotte but last name is Farley. Charlotte Farley won’t work. Also absolutely love Arabella but we call my daughter Elle Belle. So I can’t use a name with Bella

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    Little Laddies
    Asa Peregrine Jude
    Jasper Leo Augustin
    Bruno Sebastian Wilde
    Arthur Jules Hawthorn

    Little Lassies
    Sylvie Ada Juniper
    Thea Marigold Noor
    June Eliza Primrose
    Etta Wildflower Jane

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    Vivienne Mae, Juliet Mae or Jocelyn Mae are all lovely and fit brilliantly with Eliana

    A couple of suggestions

    Emmeline/Emmaline (Emmy)
    Imogen (Immy, Ginny)
    Savannah (Annie, Vannah)
    Saskia (Kia, Kiki, Sassy)
    Adelyn (Addie, Della)
    Teagan (Tee, Tia)
    Cassia (Cass, Cassie)
    Lydia (Liddy, Lili)
    Abilene (Abby)
    Abigail (Abby)
    Summer (Sunny)
    Rosaline/Rosalyn (Rosie)
    Sarai Matilda|Mabli Charlotte|Una Adele|Scout Elodie
    Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty|Percy Evander|Bram Atticus
    Thinking about...
    Tyra Mabel|Skye Miriam|Lois Winter|Anya Ottillie
    Quinn Barnaby|Silas Peregrine|Teddy Linus|Klaus Raphael

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    Emilia is my favourite from your list, and I also think it goes best with Eliana. I don't think it's too matchy, but actually quite sweet.
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    Names like Genevieve: Guinevere, Evangeline, Josephine, Eve, Eva
    Names like Alivia or Olivia: Sophia, Sophoe, Emily, Emmeline, Olive, Vera, Odessa
    Tessa: Jess, Jessica, Theresa, Tabitha, Esther, Thalia, Talya, Elsie

    Alexa Mae - I like it, but worry about the rising popularity of the Amazon Alexa
    Jocelyn Mae - I like Jocelyn. The flow with the middle name isn't great, but I dont think that's a big issue
    Vivienne Mae - This name has been growing on me. It's cute, and works with the growing interest in the letter V and more vintage names.
    Juliet Mae - I love Juliet, and it's in my top two first names, and I love it as a middle. I love the nickname Lettie.
    Emilia Mae - has a similar feel to Olivia, so I see why you like it. I'm not a fan of the 'me'sound followed by 'Mae'. Its almost repetitive. Emilia is nice though
    Alexandra Mae - Alexandra is nice. Could give the nickname Alexa, Lexi or Xandra

    My favourite of the names is Juliet Mae
    Girls Names
    Liliana Juliet Sylvia Marcella Rosalie Evadne

    Girls Middles/Honours
    Juliet Margot Vera Celia Rosalie Eleanor

    Boys Names
    Griffin Elliot 'Otto' Caspian Jonas Elias Chester

    Boys Middles/Honours
    Daniel Charles Bennett Piers Thomas

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    Vivienne Mae is my favorite option for you. Other names that you may like:

    Fiona Mae
    Lydia Mae
    Cassandra Mae
    Jacinta Mae
    Camilla Mae
    Philippa Mae
    Verona Mae
    Valentina Mae
    Miranda Mae
    Jessamine Mae
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    Ellen Virginia * Nancy Eleanor * May Genevieve * Celia Madeleine * Audrey Claire * Bess Emilia
    Nathaniel Francis * Leo Edmund * Benedict Henry * Virgil Blaise * Joseph Malachi * Timothy Jerome

    Also Liking: OONA MUIRGHEAL * Siobhan Brigid * Cassandra Niamh * Miranda Kate *
    Sybil Josephine * Edith Augusta * Catherine Ginevra * Molly Catriona *

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    I would go with Alexandra Mae. I think Ellie and Alex sound cute together.

    What about .....
    Anastasia/Anna (my favorite)
    Bernadette /Bernie
    Delaney /Laney
    Isabella /Bella
    Isadora /Izzy/Dora
    Johanna/Jo (I might even go with Ellie & JoJo)
    Josephine /Jo/Josie
    Kathleen/Kat/Kathy (another favorite of mine)
    Natasha/Tasha (I think Eliana and Natasha sound good together)
    Rosina/ Rosie
    Roxanne /Roxie

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    Thanks for the help. So my fiancé actually doesn’t like any of them. He likes Adelynn Mae Farley. What do you think with Eliana Katharine???

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