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    Opinion on these names?

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    I think Sophie, Lily and Charlotte are way too overused, and I would never use them personally.

    Not a fan of Pippa, not that it seems dog-ish, it just isn't my style. Liv is also a bit too nickname-ish.

    I like Isla in theory, but I feel like there could be pronunciation issues (Eye-la vs. Iz-la).

    My favorites from these are Ivy and Quinn.
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    Sophie - I like Sophie. It's simple and sweet, but also very pretty
    Quinn - I go back and forth on this one. I'd love to meet a Quinn, but wouldn't use the name myself.
    Lily - Pretty, but definitely overused.
    Liv - I do like it but I probably would prefer to have a longer name and use this as a nickname.
    PhilippaPippa” - I've never liked Philippa. I don't like any of the outdated male-to-female names (Josephine, Harriet, etc.) Pippa has something endearing about it though.
    Charlotte - Love it! Yes, it's popular. But it's also very pretty.
    Isla - It's okay. Not a huge fan
    Ivy - Loving Ivy at the moment but I'm noticing lots of other people are too!
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    Sophie - pretty, similar to the super popular Sophia (which is also a beautiful name)

    Quinn - one of the few names that is truly unisex - I've known both male and female Quinns. I definitely prefer it on a boy, but it's not bad on a girl.

    Lily - beautiful, but definitely popular (if you worry about that kind of thing). I definitely prefer longer form Lillian or even Liliana, but it is pretty regardless.

    Liv - I know it's a name in its own right, but I always think of this as a nickname. Something about the v at the end makes it look incomplete to me.

    PhilippaPippa” (too dogish) - This one looks clunky to me, especially next to your other favorites. It's not a bad name though.

    Charlotte - similar to Sophie and Lily - definitely popular, but it's such a pretty and timeless name.

    Isla - I love Isla. I much prefer the Hebrew spelling of Ella, but I know I'm in the minority on that one.

    Ivy - never really seen the appeal of this one, but it's cute and simple.
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    Sophie - I like the soft but sweet feel of it, how it feels versatile too.

    Quinn - sharp, modern and lively!

    Lily - I enjoy the simplicity of Lily - clear and sweet

    Liv - I know it is a stand alone name, but it always feels incomplete to me

    PhilippaPippa” - clunky but sweet, vintage and cute - I like it

    Charlotte - Charlotte is grand but grounded with versatile nickname potential

    Isla - I enjoy the eye sounds and the vibrant feel of it

    Ivy - vintage but fresh
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    Sophie, Lily, Charlotte, Isla - Overused. If I met one I'd just think "Oh, it's another ___"
    Quinn - Quite cute, though also quite tied to this era
    Liv - So sweet! Simple but beautiful
    PhilippaPippa” - My favorite! Not dog-like at all. Classy and spunky
    Ivy - Nice name, my third favorite after Phillipa "Pippa" and Liv
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