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    Which do you prefer?

    Hi all, just found out we are having a little girl and wanted to get peoples thoughts on the following two names, which sounds nicer? (Florence was my Nanas name)

    Aylah Florence Dixon or Hadley Florence Dixon

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    I prefer Hadley over Aylah. I also feel Hadley Florence flows better.

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    I’m not usually a huge fan of surname/unisex first names but Hadley is an exception - it has a very literary feel to me as Hadley was one of Hemingway’s wives and the subject of a fictional book I read years ago based on her time with him. I also love the combination of Hadley and Florence, which seem starkly different yet, in my opinion, complement each other so well. Plus, I don’t love Ayla with an ‘h’, although without I think it’s a lovely name. Both are great choices but I’d probably go with Hadley Florence Dixon. Congratulations on the news of your little girl, I just had my first child, a girl, the week before last

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    My vote is for Hadley! So cute!
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    Hadley Florence is lovely!!
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    I like Aylah Florence better!

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    If Aylah is said how it looks (I.e. Ay-luh), then Aylah Florence is definitely my favourite.
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    I prefer Hadley, but I don't really think it goes with Florence. Aylah Florence is lovely.
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    Hadley Florence is the sweetest
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    Another vote for Hadley, although I agree that Aylah works well with Florence.
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