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Thread: Aspen Vaughn

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    Aspen Vaughn

    Hi! After my last post I noticed that a few of y'all mentioned the name Aspen and I'm definitely smitten! I love that it's two syllables like her older siblings, Everett, Porter and Macy!

    I'm thinking about the middle name Vaughn! I love how it is one syllable like her older siblings middle names, Steele, Hayes, and Price!

    I'm just looking for opinions if the combination flows well with her older siblings! I know that Vaughn is not your normal go to girl middle name! TIA!

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    I think Aspen works wonderfully with your other children's names! The middle names match as well because they are unique but not absurd. Vaughn is a very cool middle name for a little girl!
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    Aspen is amazing!!! Aspen Vaughn sounds nice!
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    Aspen Vaughn is a perfect fit!!
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    Aspen Vaughn is beautiful and it fits perfectly!
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    I definitely would assume Aspen Vaughn is a boy, as Aspen is a unisex name and Vaughn is all male to me. However, if this doesn't bother you its a nice name.

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    I’d assume Aspen Vaughn was a boy because Aspen is unisex to me and Vaughn is completely masculine. If that doesn’t bother you though, then middle names are rarely used anyways. Aspen is a sweet name!
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    I love it!
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    Thanks for everyone's opinions! We're very much leaning towards Aspen Vaughn but we haven't made the official decision yet! I know that Vaughn is a masculine name but I never really thought about Aspen being a boy's name as well until someone mentioned it! Her middle name won't be used very often so I don't think that it would be an issue but it's definitely something to think about! Thanks again!

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    I like it and it does match the style of her siblings' names. I'm just not convinced on the flow of these names together. Both Aspen and Vaughn have closed sounds and share the same ending with the letter "n." I'm not very fond of repeating endings like this, but it's more the closed sound that gets me.

    All the best with your decision!

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