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    long challenger CAF

    DH80: British FN + Collegiate MN + LN from a movie
    DW76: FN ends in -ia + Queenly MN + same LN as DH + (Maiden name 4 letters)

    DS54: FN from a 90s TV show + MN would be good for a cat
    DS52: FN of one of your cousins + MN ends in y
    DD50: FN is mother’s middle + MN of someone older in your family
    DD47: FN is a popular girl from your high school + MN starts and ends with same letter
    DD45: FN contains the letter U + MN sounds like it belongs on a farm
    DS43: Military inspired FN + Biblical MN
    DD40: Southern FN + MN from a sitcom or comedy show
    DS38: FN contains a double-letter + MN begins with same letter as LN

    DH54: 90s TV name from above
    DW52: FN contains ‘th’ + MN is Italian + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name is long)

    DS30: Baseball inspired FN + MN ends in S
    DS28: Cartoon character FN + Basketball inspired MN
    DD24: Holiday inspired FN + Nicknamey MN

    DH30: Baseball name from above
    DW28: FN is a City in your country + MN is a type of fabric or texture + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name begins with a vowel)

    DS5: Literary FN + Villainous MN
    DD2: Bird-inspired FN + Food-inspired MN

    DF28: Cartoon name from above
    DF25: Floral FN + Supermodel MN + LN ends in a Z

    DH52: Cousin’s name from above

    DW49: 3-letter FN + Romantic MN + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name is a celebrity surname)

    DS25: FN is a celebrity surname + MN contains an H
    DD22: Irish FN + MN begins with R
    DS20: Cool tough-guy FN + MN would be perfect for a big dog

    DGF22: Irish name from above
    DBF22: FN and MN have same initials + LN starts with Y

    DDnb: FN is Spanish or South American + MN is inspired by dad’s middle + LN is hyphenated moms+dads LNs

    DW50: Queen name from above
    DH53: FN sounds younger than his age + MN is very common + LN sounds cute and teddy-bearish

    DS27: FN sounds like a magician + MN sounds like an inventor
    DS25: FN is sporty + MN is short and simple
    DD23: FN is a tough-girl athlete name + MN is popular
    DD20: FN is long and fancy + MN is long and fancy

    DH27: Magician name from above
    DW25: FN is exotic and pretty + MN matches it + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name is Hispanic)

    DS2: FN sounds like a skateboarder + MN is Hispanic

    ExDW47: Popular girl name from above
    exDH58: Greek or Roman inspired FN + MN begins with D + LN ends in L

    HisDS36: FN is a shortened form of a President’s name + MN is cool and youthful
    HisDS34: FN is a clothing brand + MN is a restaurant in your town
    HisDS31: FN is inspired by dad’s FN + MN is edgy and rockstarish
    HisDD29: FN is classic and beautiful + MN is inspired by musical theater
    DS25: FN is unigender + MN is quirky and includes an X
    DD23: FN is a madeup or unique name + MN is unigender
    DD/DD21: Both twins have less common FN and MN that include an L

    DH36: Shortened president name from above
    DW33: FN is 3 letters + MN ends with the same letters as FN + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name is 7 letters)

    DD11: Princess FN and Fantasy MN

    DH34: Clothing name from above
    DW30: Basic 80s-90s FN and MN + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name = surname of a model or influencer)

    DS8: FN is an actor you like + MN is nautical or boat-inspried

    DF31: Dad’s FN inspired name from above
    DF29: Super feminine FN + 2 middle names of your choice + LN ends in -er

    DS6: 4-letter FN + Old Victorian MN
    DD3: 4-letter FN + MN starts with Y

    DW29: Classic name from above
    DH30: FN is historical + MN is a city name + LN sounds unpleasant to you

    DD/DD/DD4: Initials are EV, HE, and VE

    DW47: Same popular girl name from above remarried
    DH48: FN sounds much older than he is + MN is very common + LN is a cardinal direction (north, south, east, west)

    HisDD24: Unigender FN + Musical MN
    HisDS22: City FN + Professorial MN
    HisDD20: French FN + Snowy MN
    DS18: Nature FN + One of your favorite names as MN
    DS15: Author’s surname as a FN + MN is money-inspired
    DD/DD12: Both FN start with I + MN are old-fashioned

    DF20: French name from above
    DF24: Made up or unique FN + MN of an actor you like + LN ends in M

    DW45: Name containing letter U from above
    DH48: Vacation inspired FN + MN ends in K + LN contains a T

    DS22: Your favorite boy’s FN + British MN
    DD20: FN and MN begin with same letter
    DD17: Initials BN

    DH43: Military name from above
    DW39: Same first initial as DH + Short sweet MN + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name begins with N)

    DD17: 80s inspired FN + Short, sweet MN (different from mom’s)
    DD15: 90s inspired FN + Famous person MN
    DD13: Princess FN + 80s inspired MN
    DS/DS10: Both FN are more quirky or unique + MN both start with G
    DS8: FN is unique or quirky + MN is 90s inspired

    DW40: Southern name from above
    DH44: Surname as a FN + Nature inspired MN + LN is a place in your town

    DS17: FN ends in L + MN is poetry or book inspired
    DD14: Fancy FN + MN is more often used for boys

    EXDH38: double-letter name from above
    EXDW37: FN is similar to yours + MN is similar to yours in a different way + LN ends in -or

    DS17: Rock music inspired FN + Boring MN
    DD15: Cool and unique FN + Song title MN
    DS/DS13: Both FN are names you like + Both MN begin with W
    DS11: Space-inspired FN + Singer or musician MN

    DH38: Same double-letter name from above remarried
    DW30: Yoga teacher FN + Delicate MN + Same LN as DH + (Maiden name ends in a vowel)

    DS9: One-syllable FN + Two middle names
    DS7: Edgy or risqué FN + two middle names
    DS4: FN ends in -on + two middle names
    DD2: FN is long and fancy + MN is one syllable
    DDexp: FN is long and fancy + MN is inspired by mom’s FN
    Aurora, Cosette, Sunday, Tatum, Zadie, Madeleine, Bea, Este, Ivy, December, Astoria, Aria, Bronte, Eloise, Juniper, Jordana, Rosalie, Maven, Santana, Cadence, Celine, Olive, Coralie, Hazel, Luxe, Zara, Petra, Jolie, Brynne, Margot, Birdie, Willow, Noelle

    Bowen, Mars, Huxley, Asa, Moseley, Oslo, Broderick, Crosby, Ansel, Teddy, Leo, Finn, Auden, Theo, Thatcher, Callister, Ledger, Orson, Brighton, Miles, Briggs, Wilder, Eisley, Dax, Moss, Bear, Quimby, Venn, Gene, Cruz, Caspar

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    DH80: Phillip Harvard Heron
    DW76: Julia Elizabeth Heron (Bear)
    DS54: Taylor Felix Heron
    DS52: Connor Jay Heron
    DD50: Elizabeth Marie Heron
    DD47: Jenna Juliana Heron
    DD45: Aurelia Daisy Heron
    DS43: Gunner Ezra Heron
    DD40: Savannah Elaine Heron
    DS38: Tanner Hugo Heron
    Phil+Julia, Taylor, Connor, Eliza, Jen, Auri, Gunner, Anna, and Tanner
    DH54: Taylor Felix Heron
    DW52: Catherine Alessia Heron (Abtangelo)
    DS30: Bryce Angus Heron
    DS28: Charlie Turner Heron
    DD24: Eve Abby Heron
    Taylor+Catie, Bryce, Charlie, and Eve

    DH30: Bryce Angus Heron
    DW28: Denver Lace Heron (Ashby)
    DS5: Atticus Shenzi Heron
    DD2: Wren Saffron Heron
    Bryce+Denver, Atticus, and Wren

    DF28: Charlie Turner Heron
    DF25: Violet Naomi Zain
    DH52: Connor Jay Heron
    DW49: Mia Rose Heron (Beckham)
    DS25: Beckham Henry Heron
    DD22: Callum Rory Heron
    DS20: Zachary Murphy Heron
    Connor+Mia, Beck, Cal, and Zach

    DGF22: Callum Rory Heron
    DBF22: Samantha Samira Young
    DDnb: Valentina Aurora Heron-Young
    Cal+Sam, and Tiny
    DW50: Elizabeth Marie Roosevelt (Heron)
    DH53: Teddy James Roosevelt
    DS27: Harrison Tesla Roosevelt
    DS25: Joseph Ray Roosevelt
    DD23: Gabrielle Olivia Roosevelt
    DD20: Anastasia Elizabeth Roosevelt
    Eliza+Teddy, Harry, Joey, Gabi, and Staci

    DH27: Harrison Tesla Roosevelt
    DW25: Lennox Naomi Roosevelt (Santiago)
    DS2: Dustin Miguel Roosevelt
    Harry+Leni, and Dustin
    ExDW47: Jenna Juliana Heron
    exDH58: Nicodemus Dorian Howell
    HisDS36: Theo James Howell
    HisDS34: Levi Joe Howell
    HisDS31: Nickolas Jagger Howell
    HisDD29: Kathrine Eponine Howell
    DS25: Finch Jaxon Howell
    DD23: Persephone Jay Howell
    DD/DD21: Olympia Eleanor Howell & Odelia Jillian Howell
    Jen+Nico, Theo, Levi, Nick, Kate, Finch, Persie, Oly & Odi

    DH36: Theo James Howell
    DW33: Ren Lillian Howell (Jameson)
    DD11: Merida Fairy Howell
    Theo+Ren, and Meri

    DH34: Levi Joe Howell
    DW30: Jennifer Amanda Howell (Hadid)
    DS8: John Navy Howell
    Levi+Jenny, and John

    DF31: Nickolas Jagger Howell
    DF29: Sophia Arista Marie Pauler
    DS6: Hugo Edward Howell
    DD3: Jane Yvonne Howell
    Nick+Sophia, Hugo, and Jane

    DW29: Kathrine Eponine Ho {Howell}
    DH30: Quincy Dallas Ho
    DD/DD/DD4: Evangeline Violet Ho, Hazel Elosie Ho, and Veronica Elaine Ho
    Kate+Quincy, Eva & Hazel & Ronnie

    DW47: Jenna Juliana North (Heron)
    DH48: Webster Adam North
    HisDD24: Ellis Lyric North
    HisDS22: Orlando Galileo North
    HisDD20: Pierre Frost North
    DS18: Reed Oliver North
    DS15: Pratt Nickel North
    DD/DD12: Isadora Marie North & Isla Bethany North
    Jen+Web, Ellis, Orlando, Pierre, Reed, Pratt, Isa & Isla

    DF20: Pierre Frost North
    DF24: Desdemona Gwen Hartham
    DW45: Aurelia Daisy Tibbedeux (Heron)
    DH48: Cruz Clark Tibbedeux
    DS22: Ezra Oliver Tibbedeux
    DD20: Eleanor Elise Tibbedeux
    DD17: Bethany Noelle Tibbedeux
    Auri+Cruz, Ezra, Norie, and Beth
    DH43: Gunner Ezra Heron
    DW39: Georgia Mae Heron (Norris)
    DD17: Andrea Jane Heron
    DD15: Emma Ann Heron
    DD13: Tiana Amanda Heron
    DS/DS10: Fisher Garrett Heron and Finley Gabriel Heron
    DS8: Percival Michael Heron
    Gunner+Gia, Andy, Em, Tia, Fish & Fin, and Percy
    DW40: Savannah Elaine Heron
    DH44: Jameson Rowan Park
    DS17: Carl Atticus Park
    DD14: Catriona Ray Park
    Anna+Jim, Carl, and Cat
    EXDH38: Tanner Hugo Heron
    EXDW37: Abilene Rain Tudor
    DS17: Hendrix John Heron
    DD15: Xanthe Lovely Heron
    DS/DS13: Elias Wayne Heron & Edison Wyatt Heron
    DS11: Orion Blake Heron
    Tanner+Abi, Hen, Xan, Eli & Edi, and Ori

    DH38: Tanner Hugo Heron
    DW30: Juniper Grace Heron (Corbine)
    DS9: Luke Anderson Michael Heron
    DS7: Oberon Tobias Elijah Heron
    DS4: Carson Draco Florian Heron
    DD2: Andromeda Jane Heron
    DDexp: Cassiopeia June Heron
    Tanner+Juni, Luke, Obie, Carson, Andie, and Cassie
    Teenberry//Aries//Theatre Nerd//

    Evangeline, Eleanor, Elody, Lennox, Hazel, Fiona, Persephone, Anastasia

    Oliver, Silas, Sebastian, Ezra, Percival, Perseus, Atticus, Augustus, Callum, Gideon, Finch

    Paisley Grace

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    DH80: Alastair Yale Tate
    DW76: Julia Louise (Dell) Tate

    DS54: Joey Samson "Joe" Tate
    DS52: Oliver Bradley Tate
    DD50: Louise Shirley Tate
    DD47: Whitney Alana Tate
    DD45: Augusta Callie Tate
    DS43: Washington Andrew Tate
    DD40: Fern Rachel Tate
    DS38: Alexx Zachary Tate

    DH54: Joey Samson "Joe" Tate
    DW52: Judith Raffaela "Judy" (Petrizelka) Tate
    - DS30: Felix Atticus Tate
    - DS28: Marvin Dwyane Tate
    - DD24: Christina Margo Tate

    DH30: Felix Atticus Tate
    DW28: Brooklyn Merino (Allen) Tate
    - DS5: Sawyer Caliban Tate
    - DD2: Phoenix Cashew Tate

    DF28: Marvin Dwyane Tate
    DF25: Lily Tyra Zehm

    DH52: Oliver Bradley Tate
    DW49: Jaq Romilly "Jackie" (McCartney) Tate
    - DS25: Hendrix Thomas Tate
    - DD22: Nuala Rosalie Tate
    - DS20: Buster Zeus Tate

    DGF22: Nuala Rosalie Tate
    DBF22: Matthew Milo Yin
    - DDnb: Letizia Mila Tate-Yin

    DW50: Louise Shirley (Tate) McCurdy
    DH53: Drew Sylvester McCurdy
    - DS27: Jett Edison McCurdy
    - DS25: Josh Quinn McCurdy
    - DD23: Karis Olivia McCurdy
    - DD20: Vienna Anastasia McCurdy

    DH27: Jett Edison McCurdy
    DW25: Nadia Lubov (Carabello) McCurdy
    - DS2: Chace Lopez McCurdy

    ExDW47: Whitney Alana Tate
    exDH58: Octavian Daniel Tuel
    DH48: Aloysius Henry "Wish" North
    - SDS36: Abe Dashiell Tuel
    - SDS34: Yves Jax Tuel
    - SDS31: Oscar Blaze Tuel
    - SDD29: Laura Cosette Tuel
    - DS25: River Lennox Tuel
    - SDD24: Avery Simone North
    - DD23: Gracelyn Taylor Tuel
    - SDS22: Austin Willoughby North
    - DD/DD21: Jada Pearl Tuel & Kaia Kathleen Tuel
    - SDD20: Amabel Frost North
    - DS18: Nile Frederick North
    - DS15: Salinger Quid North
    - DD/DD12: Ithaca Glory North & Izora Constance North

    DH36: Abe Dashiell Tuel
    DW33: Sia Alexandria (Steward) Tuel
    - DD11: Felicity Sansa Tuel

    DH34: Yves Jax Tuel
    DW30: Nicole Alexandra (Jenner) Tuel
    - DS8: Christopher Anchor "Kit" Tuel

    DF31: Oscar Blaze Tuel
    DF29: Willow Lavinia Phoebe Kaiser
    - DS6: Hugo Walter Tuel
    - DD3: Xena Ygritte Tuel

    DW29: Laura Cosette (Tuel) Wold
    DH30: Robert Denver Wold
    - DD/DD/DD4: Ethlyn Virginia Wold, Huxlee Euphemia Wold, & Vaughna Ebba Wold

    DF20: Amabel Frost North
    DF24: Quentyn Vince Burnham

    DW45: Augusta Callie (Tate) Constable
    DH48: Enrique Derrick Constable
    - DS22: Oliver Zachariah Constable
    - DD20: Alessia Aurora Constable
    - DD17: Beatrix Nadezhda "Bea" Constable

    DH43: Washington Andrew Tate
    DW39: Wulda Grace (Nixon) Tate
    - DD17: Natalie Bex Tate
    - DD15: Emma Sade Tate
    - DD13: Juliet Brittany Tate
    - DS/DS10: Beckham Grady Tate & Callum Graham Tate
    - DS8: Zephyr Tyler Tate

    DW40: Fern Rachel (Tate) Stephens
    DH44: Conrad Wilder Stephens
    - DS17: Neal Wilde Stephens
    - DD14: Priscilla Dylan Stephens

    EXDH38: Alexx Zachary Tate
    EXDW37: Julianna Hope Pertzborn
    DW30: Luna Fleur (Novotny) Tate
    - DS17: Fleetwood Tom Tate
    - DD15: Zora Lucy Tate
    - DS/DS13: Aaron Whitaker Tate & Nolan Winston Tate
    - DS11: Pollux Elvis Tate
    - DS9: Luke Jameson Miller Tate
    - DS7: Tripp Elliott Harry Tate
    - DS4: Vinson Ezra Anthony Tate
    - DD2: Zenobia Haze Tate
    - DDexp: Daffodil Selene Tate
    4-11-2020 Becoming a Mrs.

    Alice Anastasia ~ Eden Louisa ~ Ivy Fiona ~ Mabel Juniper
    Maren Aurelia ~ Phoebe Sylvia ~ Ruby Anneliese ~ Vivian Giselle

    Arlo Harrison ~ Bennett Rafferty ~ Dashiell Frederick ~ Everett Thaddeus
    Ezra Jameson ~ Griffin Joseph ~ Kieran Elias ~ Theodore Wesley

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