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    Piper for a boy?

    I really like Piper for my new son but it seems like it's a popular girls name? I've never met anyone named Piper, and neither has my DH, so I guess it's just not popular at all where I am. Do you think it's safe to use it for a boy if it's not popular for girls here? We would be giving him a more masculine middle name (not sure what yet) with it so when he's older if Piper becomes popular here for girls he can decide to use that. Thank you nameberry!

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    I’ve met 2 little girls named Piper. Most likely when you have a kid and meet more little kids you’ll meet more yourself.

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    I've never met a Piper but that might be because im in the UK. I think it could work on a boy
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    Although it should suit either sex in that it’s a surname-y name I see it as a girl’s name as it’s so commonly used as such.

    I personally wouldn’t use it for a boy for this reason; I’d fear he’d dislike his name as he got older and that he’d want a more ‘masculine’ name. To me it’s kind of like the name Harper, which is used mostly on girls (although I taught a male Harper and it worked well on him, but to me Piper seems more feminine for some reason). In saying all of this I don’t know any Pipers - it’s much less common here in Australia.

    Anyway this is just my two cents and maybe I’m overthinking it. Plus, with a more traditionally masculine middle name your son will have options so maybe it could work!

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    The image the name Piper conjures up in my mind is one of a little boy playing a pipe in a band and so is very masculine to me. It doesn't feel feminine at all. It is in the top 100 names for girls and doesn't really have any history as a boy's name, but that hasn't deterred people who love a name giving a boy's name to girls before and I don't see why the converse should apply. I think it would totally suit a boy. If he doesn't like it growing up, pairing with a more traditional masculine middle name would give him that option too.

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    I would assume that Piper is a girl and agree with @tdfm that he may strongly dislike his name. He is likely to meet other Pipers and they would probably be girls as it is mainly used for girls. The popularity chart on Nameberry shows #3389 for boys but #88 for girls.

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    I think it could work on a boy, even though I'd prefer it on a girl.
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    I know of many female Pipers, so I'd definitely not use it on a boy. What about Fifer?
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    I like Piper for any gender, I think it's cool and spunky. Totally works on a boy! There might be more girls with the name, but I know more male Rowan's than female ones and everyone is fine with that on a girl, so I think Piper is fine on a boy.
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    I'd much prefer Piper on a boy, I think it sounds masculine for a girl. But honestly, if I heard Piper I would assume it's a girl due to it's popularity. I'm not really a fan of the name myself.
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