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    Down to the final 3 names... Opinions please!

    We are down to three names - Eleanor, Camille and Maxine. Husband and I have different taste in names generally. Our son's name is Desmond James. We would ideally like a name that has nickname potential, not too popular, and is feminine, but strong. These three are the last ones standing.

    Eleanor - Strong, feminine with tons of nickname potential. Definitely on the popular side and climbing up the charts. Nickname: Nell or Nora

    Camille - Strikes all three IMO. Nickname: Millie or spelled Milly

    Maxine - I had originally vetoed, but growing on me. Would want to choose a MN that starts with a J to get MJ as a nickname.

    Thoughts on our final three? Thanks!
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    Camille seems like the right one - not too popular, nn potential and feminine, soft but also full of strength!

    Eleanor would be my second pick!
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    I LOVE your son's name. Desmond is one of my favorites.

    From your list, I think Eleanor sounds best with Desmond.
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    Maxine is my favorite! I think Eleanor would be my second choice though I think Lenora or Liora would pair better with Desmond than Eleanor does.
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    Camille is my favorite, I think it sounds very striking with Desmond!

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    I love Eleanor nn Nell!

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    Eleanor with the nn Nell sounds wonderful with Desmond!
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    I love Desmond and Camille!!!!!!

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    Desmond and Camille are lovely together!
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    Another vote for Camille!

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