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    Need help with a first name for _____ Quincy!

    I don't even know if I'm having a boy yet... we find out in 48 hours and the suspense might actually kill me. So I'm occupying myself with name hunting, of course.

    I love strong names that have a really good meaning - either literally or something with good sentimental value. My husband's grandfather was in the Navy and was on a ship called the USS Quincy. We both love the idea of incorporating that into the baby's name (if it's a boy) because it's a huge source of pride for his family. I don't love the name enough to call the kid that every day, though, and I want to call him by his first name, so middle name it is.

    Sooooo, I need first name ideas!

    Older siblings are Judah Cary, Amelia Grace, and Olivia Blythe. I REALLY want to avoid ending in that "-ah" sound so we get out of that pattern since this is probably not our last child.

    Also, no names that start with M as our last name is McM--- and I'm not a huge fan of alliteration.

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    Judah, Olivia, Amelia, &

    Ezra Quincy
    Blake Quincy
    Leo Quincy
    Griffin Quincy "Finn"
    Caleb Quincy
    Dorian Quincy
    Emmett Quincy
    Everett Quincy
    Garrett Quincy
    Duncan Quincy

    Sienna Quinn
    Loralei Quinn
    Cassidy Quinn
    Felicity Quinn
    Daphne Quinn
    Eliza Quinn
    Cora Quinn
    Talia Quinn
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    Sarai Matilda|Mabli Charlotte|Una Adele|Cherith Eliza
    Sloane Felicity|Flora Penelope|Juno Delilah|Lois Aurelia
    Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty|Percy Evander|Bram Atticus
    Otto Elias|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus|Jesse Peregrine

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