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    Thoughts on maisie or Rory!?

    I’m having a baby girl in just 11 days and we can’t decide on a name still.

    Thoughts on the name Maisie Rowan Schmidt or Rory jade Schmidt?!

    Here’s a list of our names, feel free to pick your favorite or switch up some middle names etc. I need all the help I can get! I know Rory is a boyish name but we really really like it still. 😊

    We’ve come up with these:

    Maisie Rowan Schmidt*
    Rory jade Schmidt*
    Maisie jade schmidt
    Rylin nova Schmidt
    Rylin maisie Schmidt
    Rylee Nova Schmidt
    Rylee Lennon Schmidt
    Rylee Maeve Schmidt
    Haven Reese Schmidt
    Hayden maisie schmidt
    Rory Ember Schmidt

    Possible other first names to use:


    Thanks for any help!!!

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    Hi there.

    I love Maisie! It's sweet, girly & a little sporty. Rory is boyish to me, & also sort of hard to say. I do prefer Maisie as a nn for something like Madeleine/Madeline, Mary, Maureen or Margaret.

    Rylin, Rylee, Haven & Hayden are all a little trendy for my taste. Rylee is quite over done, but I'd at least spell it Reilly? I don't know...I like that spelling for a boy, because it seems the most authentic. There are just so many spellings of that name that it's going to be a headache either way.

    Cora or Freya are both beautiful options, in my opinion. Simple, not over done, feminine and classic. Coralia is not a name that I've heard before. It's not bad...a bit of a mouthful. I prefer Coraline or Cornelia as similar options.

    If you're at all open to Maeve as a fn, I'd pick that. It's beautiful!

    Hope this helps.
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    My favorite combination is definitely Maisie Rowan Schmidt

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    Maisie Rowan is delightful and my first choice from your list. I don't mind Rory for a girl, but would prefer Rory Maeve. Freya is nice too - Freya Maisie or Freya Rowan.

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    Maisie Rowan is so sweet! Rory is a bit boyish to me too, although I like it as a nickname for something like Aurora, Lorelei, etc. I would love Nova or Maeve as a first name! I also like Cora and Freya.

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    Maisie Rowan is lovely!!
    Rory Maeve would be my second pick!
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    I love Maisie Rowan! One of my first friends in kindergarten was a girl named Rory, though, so I definitely have a soft spot for that name, and I can totally picture for a girl. I love the suggestion of Rory Maeve. Jade just doesn't match for me - it seems a very different style than Rory (or Maisie and Rowan).
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    Another vote for Maisie Rowan! It's perfect.
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    I like Maisie Rowan! Rory is used pretty much exclusively for boys in my country, so I don't think of it as a girls' name at all, although Rory Jade is nice.
    Rylee, Rylin, Haven, and Hayden seem quite trendy, but it depends whether or not that bothers you.
    I also really like Cora and Freya from your extended list!
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    I much prefer Maisie Rowan Schmidt. Rory Jade Schmidt sounds a bit choppy to me, as Jade and Schmidt both have only 1 syllable.

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