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    lucyxo's Name the Babies (G1 Results)

    Family 1

    Bethany Eliza Davies and Harry Vaughn Davies are expecting two more children, a boy and a girl. They would like their first names to end with a y, like theirs. Their middle names should be Welsh as they are originally from Wales.

    DD: Waverly Bronwyn Davies (demic)
    DS: Crosby Rhys Davies (bowtiful)
    DS: Harvey Owen Davies (namelover55)
    DD: Lacey Ffion Davies (namelover55)
    DS/DD: Brody Lloyd Davies/Bellamy Cerys Davies (michelle6942/anandawren)

    Family 2

    Nola Marie Flores and Isaac Jerome Flores are expecting their fifth & sixth children together, two boys. They both have children from previous relationships. They would like their first names to start with an s like their siblings and they would like their middle names to have something to do with nature.

    DD: Savannah Rose Flores
    DS: Santiago William Andrews
    DS: Salem Canyon Flores (alchemicallypurplefairy)
    DD: Siena Lily Flores (consultantmeghan)
    DD: Scarlett Meadow Flores (zoemaks)
    DD: Stella Autumn Flores (babettee)
    DS/DS: Sutton River Flores/Sebastian Quartz Flores (anandawren/charmingpie19)

    Family 3

    Delia Yasmine Barnett and Jameson Dominic Barnett are expecting a girl and a boy. Jameson would like their first names to be outside of the top 100 names. Delia would like their middle names to be popular names from the 1960s.

    DS: Everest Richard Barnett (anandawren)
    DD: Maisie Elizabeth Barnett (zoemaks)
    DS: Caspian Raymond Barnett (elsker)
    DD: Olive Cheryl Barnett (zoemaks)
    DD/DS: Freya Jennifer Barnett/Holden David Barnett (charmingpie19/michelle6942)

    Family 4

    Cara Melissa Johnson and Alexander Sami Johnson are expecting a son and a daughter. They would like their first names to be nicknames and their middle names to be the name of a popular 90s musician.

    DD: Lexi Christina Johnson (elsker)
    DD: Elsie Mariah Johnson (alchemicallypurplefairy)
    DS: Abe Justin Johnson (allij28)
    DS: Wes Dylan Johnson (madymae)
    DS/DD: Ty Luther Johnson/Gracie Alanis Johnson (charmingpie19/anandawren)

    Family 5

    Tiana Lynn Carter and Benji Harris Carter are expecting their second and third daughters. They would like them to have French first names. Their middle names should start with the same letter as their first names.

    DS: Remy Rainier Carter (kaileigh53)
    DD: Madelaine Mavis Carter (ashleysuzanne)
    DS: Jorden Jacob Carter (kenzienolee)
    DS: Olivier Oscar Carter (nicoleclare21)
    DD/DD: Lilou Lillian Carter/Fleur Felicity Carter (vespertine/charmingpie19)

    Family 6

    Karma Isla Rogers and Tomas Dwight Rogers are expecting a boy and a girl. Their first names should be unisex and their middle names should be 3 syllables.

    DD: Oakley Juniper Rogers (elsker)
    DS: Finlay Tobias Rogers (madymae)
    DD: Dakota Gabrielle Rogers (charmingpie19)
    DS: Sawyer Elijah Rogers (madymae)
    DS/DD: Reese Malachi Rogers/Rowan Amelie Rogers (anandawren)
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