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    Do you like the name Ren for a boy?

    Hi there. Long time lurker first time poster. My partner and I are expecting soon and we don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl. We like names that aren’t too common but nothing that might come across tacky. What do you think of the name Ren? If we choose it, any ideas on nicknames that go well with it? Or any ideas of names similar that could be a nice first name. FTM and want to choose wisely!

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    Congratulations! Honestly, while Ren isn't my personal style I think it has a really nice sound and is easy to spell and say even if you've never heard it before. I might think it was Wren if I was just hearing it rather than seeing it, and think it's a bit unusual on a boy but a sweet name.

    A few other names that come to mind along similar lines:
    Kieren, Evren, Soren - could use Ren as a nickname

    Also, I looove Wren for a girl!
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    It‘s a Japanese name so if you‘re not from Japan, I’d hesitate to use it. Or use the spelling Renn
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    I would assume it was a nickname. It looks incomplete to me. I love the suggestions of Soren or Evren as a full name!

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    I love Ren! Renny is the only nickname I can think of, but it's sweet! Spunky and cute on a girl or boy.
    There's a male character named Ren in the videogame Oxenfree, that's my only association.
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    I love Ren! The Chinese character 仁 translates as benevolence. 忍 means to endure. I think it's a great international name with deep meaning that works well in many different cultures.

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    I love Ren and spelled either this way or Renn as I would assume Wren to be a girl. I don’t think Ren would have a nickname other than perhaps Reny as it doesn’t need to be shortened. I like the suggestion of SoREN or there is also LawRENce if you wanted to use Ren as a nickname.

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    I love Ren! It is not just a Japanese name, it is a nickname for a lot of different names from different cultures. We considered Ren/Renon for our first baby.

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    I prefer "Wren" for a girl, but I can see the appeal of Ren for a boy, too!

    And to you who commented that if "you aren't from Japan, you should hesitate to use it": Please look at your own signature and recognize that names from ALL cultures are beautiful and shareable!!!

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    Ren is very handsome. It's a great choice as a stand-alone name. It wouldn't be out of place in Australia and I don't think you'd have any issues with spelling of people assuming it was "Wren." I think that's overstating the popularity of Wren.

    Some nickname ideas: Renzo, Renly, Rio, Ray, Rex

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