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    Emilia or Estelle???

    Looking for opinions on our girls names please!

    Emilia ClaireEmmy’ or
    Estelle ClaireEllie

    Which do you like most? Open to other middle names if you have any suggestions too! TIA
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    I prefer the flow of Emelia Claire. However, I think Emelia will be frequently misspelled, as Amelia is the most common spelling. I prefer the first name Estelle, it's just so lovely. My preference for the first name trumps the nicer flow of Emilia Claire, as I would put flow of middle name as significantly less important than the first name
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    I love Estelle! Estelle Claire is pretty

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    Estelle is just gorgeous ❤️

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    Hi there.

    Emilia & Estelle are both lovely, but Estelle gets my vote. It's kind, smart & ages well. Especially w/the sweet nn Ellie on a little one. Though I like Emilia, & I think that it will get confused w/Amelia often. It may be a pain to have to explain. That, and I don't care for Emmy. It sounds a little bratty; not sure why.

    Claire is pretty, but Estelle Claire is a bit abrupt. Emilia Claire flows well.

    Middle name suggestions:

    Estelle Clara

    Estelle Daphne

    Estelle Emilia (ooh, you could do that!)

    Estelle Georgina

    Estelle Georgiana

    Estelle Gwendolen

    Estelle Juniper

    Estelle Vivian

    Hope this helps.
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    My vote goes to Emilia. I prefer Emilia with Louis by a mile! Estelle is a gorgeous name too, though.

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    Estelle Claire is lovely!
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    Emilia Claire is gorgeous.

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    I love Emilia Claire. Those are two of my favorite names. Yes, she might have to specify that it's Emilia with an "E" but it's so pretty, I say it's worth it. I can't shake the association of Estelle with Seinfeld in my own mind, but I realize that is a personal problem. If you love it, I prefer the flow of Emilia Estelle or Estelle Emilia to Estelle Claire.
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    Emilia Claire has my vote!

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