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    Winter sibling name for Virginia

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post here. We have a baby girl named Virginia and we are expecting a new baby in December. We won't be finding out the gender, but I have this crazy suspicion that we are going to have 3 girls eventually. We mostly already have a boy name picked out, so I'm looking for some girl name suggestions.

    Because I'm paranoid about being found, I won't give Virginia's exact middle name, but it's a name that's indicative of the season she was born (think "June" or "April"). I'd kind of like to stick with that theme for baby #2. Here are some I've been thinking of:

    Rosemary Noelle (unfortunately my husband doesn't love Noelle with that spelling and apparently a cousin has a baby close in age with that middle name as well)

    Rosemary Bianca
    Rosemary Autumn

    For my hypothetical next girl that I'm prophesizing, I love the name Susannah, to give you an idea of another name I like.

    I love Rosemary, but I'm also open to other similar names and middle names. I would love some suggestions! Thank you!

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    Hello! Can I just say I love the idea of Virginia, Rosemary, and Susannah as a sibset so I hope your prophecy comes true! I'm sure you have a great boy's name picked out too. Since I love Rosemary I can't think of other first name suggestions but how about these middles?

    Rosemary Ivy

    Rosemary Eve

    Rosemary Joy

    Rosemary Winter (not as subtle but I think it flows)

    Rosemary Belle (like Jingle bells?!)

    Rosemary Nicole (like St. Nick-- not sure if you celebrate Christmas)

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    Hi Sockpuppet!

    Love your prophesised sibset! How fun to imagine which season Susannah might be born in..

    For Rosemary’s middle, how about Neve? Literally meaning snow, in French/Italian/Portuguese..

    I would also personally lean towards a short middle to go with a long first name, and I have a hunch that Virginia’s middle might be short as well.

    Happy naming!

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    Thank you both so much for your suggestions already! I love them!

    My sister is having her first baby (miracle baby!!) this week actually, and they have picked the name Ivy - I didn't even realize how much I loved that name until they told us! So unfortunately, Ivy is out, otherwise it would have gone straight to the top of my list.

    I love Eve and Belle! I had considered Eve and Eva before, but Belle never even crossed my mind. I think I am used to hearing Bella, and I do get a little tired of that one - it's a beautiful name, but it seems very popular since Twilight. But I love the sound of Belle.

    I have seen Neve on several Christmas/winter baby lists, but my biggest issue there is that I'm not sure how to pronounce it! Would it be "neeeev" or "nehv" or even "neh-veh"?

    (My husband smiles and nods and gently tells me we have plenty of time to think about #3, but I've already laid out my plans to him so that hypothetical baby Susannah is born in spring! It's good that keeps me grounded. XD)

    Thank you again!! The search continues!

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    Hi thanks for replying and glad you liked some of our suggestions! I thought about it after I posted last night and I think it's kind of a blessing that Ivy was taken because that would be a first and middle name that are both linked to plants which seems too themey in my perspective. I like each name separately but not together. My favorite is Rosemary Belle! Good luck as you continue your search! Keep us updated! I love the seasonal middle name themes and am already thinking what would go with a Susannah. It's so fun to think about these things!

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    Rosemary Holly
    Rosemary Frost
    Rosemary Aspen
    Rosemary Freya
    Rosemary Alaska
    Rosemary Skade or Skadi (Norse goddess of winter)
    Rosemary Demeter or Rosemary Persephone (in Greek mythology, when Demeter’s daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades, she mourned which caused the cold season winter)
    Milo Peter 2015

    Otis Henry is here! 💞

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    Thank you again for all the great suggestions!

    I did think of Rosemary Holly before - normally, Holly would never be on my radar, but I do think it's kind of cute as a Christmas name.

    I would say I tend to stick closer to more 'established' names, which is why Holly is actually out of the norm for me. I think a name like Frost or Persephone would be too far off the beaten track for me to consider.

    My husband pointed something out to me the other day - I had Virginia about a week early, and Baby December is due right at the beginning of December. So even though I'm thinking of all these winter/Christmas names, we might actually have a turkey baby on our hands! How do you all like Rosemary Autumn?

    I've also thought of Rosemary Clara and Gloria.

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    How about Susannah Holly?

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