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    A sister for Amalia?

    Please give suggestions! Time sensitive project!

    I'm writing a realistic fiction/young adult book, and without planning it out beforehand, I have given my 14 year old protagonist a baby sister in her future (her mother is expecting). It works really well with the plot, and I would love to get another character to name, but I'm not even sure I should go along with it. Is the age difference too much? I know this can happen, but does this seem plausible?

    My protagonist's name is Amalia Ruth Johannsen.

    Possibilities for a sister are:

    I would like the name to not start with A and for it to have a cute nickname, since Amalia's father calls her Molly and her sister probably will too, even though her mother prefers the full name. It should also match the feminine and not too popular style of Amalia.

    Parents' names are Sophia Joy and Arthur Jonathan

    If anyone has any new name suggestions, ideas for middle names on existing names, or opinions on whether or not Amalia should even have a sister, please reply. I would love to hear your feedback.

    Thank you so much!
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    I think Louisa fits in with Amalia, with the nickname Lulu, which I've always thought was cute. Eleanor is a close second, with the nickname Nell or Nellie, though I think Lulu would also work as a nickname just fine with it. Also, I'm eleven years older than my sister so I don't think it's implausible to have a younger sibling 14 years their junior. It happens, probably more so than you'd think.

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    Thank you so much! Louisa is one of my favorites on that list too, maybe Louisa Grace or Louisa Clare? I like the idea of a simpler middle, as Amalia only has a one-syllable middle name and it really sounds nice with the longer first name. I agree with you on Lulu, it is absolutely adorable!

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