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Thread: 3 weeks left...

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    3 weeks left...

    and still no closer to naming our girl. This is our last push for opinions before she arrives.

    Here are our options (w/ middles names)

    Beatrice Aurora Niamh
    Beatrice Flora Niamh
    Beatrice Mabel Niamh

    Beatrix Aurora Niamh
    Beatrix Flora Niamh
    Beatrix Mabel Niamh

    Florence Aurora Niamh
    Florence Beatrix Niamh
    Florence Lucia Niamh
    Florence Matilda Niamh

    Evangeline Flora Cait
    Evangeline Mabel Cait
    Evangeline Orlaith Bea
    Evangeline Orlaith Fleur
    Evangeline Sorcha Bea
    Evangeline Sorcha Fleur

    We’re still working on middle names for this one as I’m not sure I’d want to use Niamh w/ Evangeline. Cait is a family name but I don’t love it as much as Orlaith or Sorcha but I feel Flora and Mabel flow better? Any suggestions would be appreciated if this is your favourite! We’d like to use another Irish name and we like names to have nice meanings.

    Our eldest is Violet Felicity Cara, if that helps. Thanks in advance!
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    Out of all of your choices I love Beatrix and Florence the most, I also love the nickname Bea, and out of the three you have for Beatrix and Florence I would personally choose Beatrix Flora Niamh and Florence Lucia Niamh they both have a beautiful flow and both compliment your other daughters name
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    Beatrix Aurora Niamh is beautiful!!
    Florence Beatrix Niamh is delightful too and I'll also suggest Beatrix Orlaith Mabel
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    Beatrix/Beatrice and Florence are also my favorites. Beatrice/Beatrix Mabel Niamh, Beatrice/Beatrix Flora Niamh, & Florence Aurora/Lucia Niamh are so pretty! I know that didn’t narrow it down too much, sorry!
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    Beatrix Flora Niamh is perfect! The combination has a wonderful flow and feel. A great choice.
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    Evangeline Flora Cait is very pretty!
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    I love the name Violet and had it on my list for forever—as well as Evangeline. So Evangeline would be my first place choice, followed by Beatrix. I think the ‘x’ spelling is more fun and matches the fun “V” in Violet.
    My top combos:
    Evangeline Flora Cait
    Beatrix Aurora Niamh

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    My favourite would have to be Beatrix Aurora Niamh. I greatly prefer Beatrix to Beatrice as it just has so much more spunk, Aurora is gorgeous in both sound and imagery, and Niamh is a lovely little Irish dear. Perfect.

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    Beatrix Flora Niamh

    I think Evangeline doesn't suit Violet as well as the others. Florence I love but might be too flower themey?
    Beatrice could also work. I chose Beatrix because I like the X sound to match Violets V
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