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    Adriana or Angelina?

    My husband and I are Italian (him actually from Italy). Our 2 year old son's name is Santino which is a name
    I absolutely loved my entire life (I just found it so unique and gorgeous!) It also means little saint. And I once had a student named Santiago and his mom would call him Santi which I loved. In Italy however, Santino is an old man's name from Sicily so my husband liked it but his fam&friends reacted poorly.

    Now I am preggo with #2. Our names are Angelina (my husband's choice- means little angel so matches Santino)
    Or Adriana (my choice love it and would love to call her Adri etc. Also had 2 lovely students w that name but again an old woman's name in Italy. Dont think I can do that to my hubby twice)

    So the last name is Clemente
    Angelina Clemente or Adriana Clemente?
    What do u like best?

    Thanks and happy planning to all much love!!!!!

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    I love Santino. I know a guy who goes by his surname Santini, which I think is really cool.
    The matching meanings behind Angelina and Santino is cute. Are you planning to have more children? If so, so may wish to continue this trend, and find names quite restrictive.
    Personally, I prefer Adriana. I live in the UK, so it's not so relevant, but I would assume an Adriana to be at most 25. It sounds like a youthful name to me, and reminds me of the ocean, so seems outdoorsy and adventurous.
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    I prefer Adriana as a full name, though I like Angie/Lina more than Adrie.
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    Both are amazing but Angelina Clemente has the edge for me
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    Santino is so cool. I know a boy who has Italian heritage and his name is Santino but mostly goes Tino. He rarely gets called by his full name unless he's in trouble, it's kind of funny when he does because his surname is an Italian name that has the same "ino" sound

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    Love Adriana.

    Perhaps you could start a vintage trend? Vintage names are so popular in the UK at the moment, though Adriana doesn't sound at all old lady limke. It's funny how different naming culture can be and get sometimes very similar
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    It’s funny because I also considered Angelina and Adriana for my daughter although we’re not Italian. Adriana won. I decided Angelina was a bit too frilly for me, but don’t get me wrong it’s lovely. I’ve always loved long, ultra feminine names even though shorter names are on the rise where I live (Canada).
    I didn’t care for the nickname Adri when I was pregnant but now I think it’s adorable. We nicknamed her Ada.

    Best of luck!!!

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    I love Adriana.

    I also think that unless you are living in Sicily it matters more as to whether Adriana is a younger person's name where you live and not there. Actually though Adriana currently ranks higher as a first name choice in Italy compared with the US.

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