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    Middle names for my twins

    Hi, my baby girls have been born very early (3 months early) and we were not ready with names! They’re in NICU, so far doing ok and are stable. We have named them Wren and Alba.

    However we are really stuck about middle names! Any input would be appreciated.

    The girls were born at dawn just as the sun was rising. Alba’s name is a nod to that. We were looking at middle names that might have something to do with dawn / sunshine / summer / July (as born in July instead of their due date of October) or something maybe to do with being early / a surprise / strength.

    My husband likes Aurora as she was a sun goddess who brought light across the sky and her tears were said to be the morning dew. I love the meaning but I’m worried people will think we’ve named her after a Disney princess (which isn’t me at all).

    The other name we liked was Juliet, and felt it was a nod towards their birth month of July.

    So maybe Wren Juliet and Alba Aurora?
    Or Wren Aurora and Alba Juliet?

    Any other suggestions or thoughts welcome!

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    Wren Aurora and Alba Juliet are wonderful.

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    Aurora and Juliet are gorgeous choices. I love them in either combination. I quite like the flow of Alba Aurora. Alba Juliet could give AJ as a nickname, which could be positive or negative depending on your point of view.
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    Wren Aurora and Alba Juliet is stunning! Such great combinations!!

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    Another vote for Wren Aurora and Alba Juliet. It's a plus that Juliet means "young" or "downy," like a baby bird, so they'd each kind of have a bird/new name and a dawn name.

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    Wren Juliet is amazing!! I'd go with that Wren Aurora is sweet but it has too many r sounds for me

    Alba Juliet is beautiful and i really like Alba Aurora too!

    Some other ideas

    Alba Ruby (Birthstone of July)
    Alba Lily/Alba Waterlily/Wren Lily (water lillies are one of the birth flowers of July)
    Alba Delphine (blue delphinium is the other birth flower)
    Alba Larkspur (alternative name for blue delphinium)
    Alba Leonie (if they're Leos)
    Wren Thea/Wren Dorothea/Alba Dorothea - Thea is the goddess of light - also mother of the sun, moon and dawn - Dorothea meand gift!
    Alba Sunny
    Alba Suvi/Wren Suvi (means summer)
    Alba Roxanne (means dawn)
    Wren Beatrix (bringer of joy)
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    I love Wren Aurora and Alba Juliet! I also like @greyblue's suggestion of Alba Delphine.
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    Wren Aurora and Alba Juliet sound gorgeous!
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    Wren Juliet because Wren is a nature name, another nature name might sound matchy-matchy, also it sounds so cute!

    Alba Soleil is the first came to my mind. It’s adorable.
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