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    Question Olivia Jack Margaux..... terrible idea????

    I have been batting around middle names for our daughter due in October. Recently, my bff has made a suggestion, well he said we just ‘HAD TO’ put Jack in her name. My husband and I are both have the same nickname: Jack. I’m a Jacqueline, he is a John. So we both grew up being called Jack. Is It terrible? I think Ollie Jack is kind of cute... but (1)is it too masculine? People have obviously been saying any child we had would have to be named Jack but I, of course, say no and never considered it as a middle. (2) does it scream arrogant? Dumb? (3) does it sound ugly. Thought, feelings, insults, complete rejection of the idea? Open for any input here...

    I sont want to state my other middle name ideas because they are much prettier, feminine and flowey (sp).... and you would clearly select them over my latest idea

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    I actually love it. I may be in the minority but I think if it has meaning/honours someone it doesn’t matter if a middle name for a girl is masculine. At one point I was considering two boys names for my daughter’s middle, Miles and Bastian, for different reasons. It’s just like if you use a surname for a child’s middle name - it may be a distinctly masculine one, say Sutton or Franklin for example, both of which work.

    I personally also love male nicknames on girls, so Ollie is just gorgeous (I was considering Olive nn Oli for my daughter), and Jack as little Olivia’s middle name/nickname even is really cute to me.

    Plus, Margaux after it feminises the combination. I love the name Margaux!

    Although I’d prefer Olive over Olivia it’s a lovely name overall - I say go for it!

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    How cute. Yes definitely add the middle that is meaningful to you and your husband if you both like it! Your daughter may absolutely love it. But if she doesn't, she has the feminine middle to fall back on instead. Her choice, she's got options. One reason though why you might not want to use it is if you might like to save Jack as the first or middle for a future boy.

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    I'd probably go for Olivia Margaux Jack (Could still be Ollie Jack) but i like how it has meaning
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    Yeah I definitely wouldn’t want to name a boy Jack; way too confusing having 3 jacks in one house! Hahaha! (Plus I’ve already told my husband if we have a boy his name will be Giovanni! No discussions. Hahaha!) needless to say...He was ecstatic when he found out we were having a boy. The direct quote was ‘dodged that bullet for now..’’ I also thought if we do it for her there is no reason both our kids couldn’t have Jack as a middle name! Sort of like a family quirk. It is hard NOT to take advantage of the fact that my husband and I are known as ‘the jacks’.

    I also love Olive too as a first name but think we will wait till we meet her to see if she is an Olive or Olivia.

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    I really like the meaning it has for you! She can always fall back on Margaux if she doesn't like it.
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    I love Ollie Jack! How adorable! I think I would use it as a nickname. It's boyish but that's not a bad thing. It's playful and will work well on a child. Giving her a full proper name would be a good idea so she can use that when she gets older.

    ETA: Just saw that you like Olive as well. That gets my vote! Olive Jack is amazing.
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    I actually really like it. Ollie Jack is adorable.

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    I get the significance and all, but I can't say I'm keen on Jack for a girl's middle name -- I think parents Jack & Jack are more than enough Jack's for one household, and the harsher sound of Jack really jars the flow of the combo. I much prefer any of your other recent ideas to this one, honestly.

    Also, (and particularly with Olive Jack) I imagine the masculine middle would confuse some and get mistaken for Oliver Jack. Same goes for nickname Ollie Jack being assumed a boy. Not necessarily a terrible thing, but definitely something to consider.
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    I don't see anything wrong with it, it seems cute and endearing. However, it may put you into a pattern (all family names having Jack) that may be hard to stick to. Giovanni could certainly be called Jack; Giovanni = Johnny = John = Jack. But if you plan on more than two, or had another girl, consider how you'd incorporate Jack into another child's name. I don't think I'd like being the only person in the family without Jack somewhere in my name.

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