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    Growing up with unique/weird names.

    People with unique or "weird" names, how was it like growing up with it? Did you ever get made fun of? Any problems with mispronunciation? Do you hate it/like it? etc.

    Honestly, I'm okay with my name. I like the sound of it, don't like how it looks, but I do love the meaning of it. Although, it does get mispronounced ALOT. Alot of people often call me Valerie (eventhough an 'a' is literally right there...I try not to be rude about it but still)

    and some people call me Val-ur-ee-uh, which isn't too bad, but where I come from everyone says it as Vuh-lare-ee-uh which I prefer but it's gotten to the point where I'm just kind of tired of it so I just roll with it I guess. I'm thinking of going by a nickname this school year, maybe Vale or Val, but I'm not too sure about it...

    Anyways, what's your story? I'm kinda curious to know :D
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    My name is Celes (prn. Sell-eese, like Reese or Elyse) and yes, only three people in my life have ever pronounced it correctly on their first try after reading it. Most people think it's Celeste or something similar even after hearing me say it to them numerous times. I don't mind correcting people but over time it's just been tedious to repeat myself to the same person over and over so I've just begun to let it slide... People who've known me for a while will correct them if they notice, lol. I still much prefer unique names, though!
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    Yes I grew up with a unique name and it was very difficult for me. I was made fun of for it in elementary school. It was also hard for me in particular because I had trouble fitting in throughout childhood (my family moved a lot so I was always the new girl, among other reasons) and having a weird name on top of everything else did not help. The main thing though is that my unique name is tied to one particular literary reference that I have never cared for nor feel fits my personality at all. People constantly bring up the reference when first meeting me even in adulthood whenever I have to give my legal name and it is super annoying and depressing. Totally the wrong name for me. Unfortunately my parents also gave me a weird middle name with strong cultural implications as well, or else I would have used that instead. I gave my kids first names neither common nor unheard of with very normal middle names so they have options
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    My name is Brynn, which is much more well known now than it was when I was born. I usually get Bryan or Byron or Brine as pronunciation when people try to read it. It isn’t my personal style but I love not sharing my name. I definitely wouldn’t consider changing it! My parents considered Kaitlyn and Emma and I’m so glad they didn’t pick one of those!

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    Well, my name is Ananya. I’ve been called ‘Anya’, ‘Anaya’, and ‘Ayana’ my whole life. My track coach called me Anya for the whole year, and only realized I was Ananya when I made her a card at the end of the year. I used to hate my name, and I took up my pseudonym, Blue. (don’t know if this is worth mentioning, but the proper pronounciatiob of my name gained me the nickname Onion)

    However, I like my name more and more now. I think it’s special and unique, and I’m the only Ananya in my school. If I have to correct people, it’s worth it. Also, it’s somewhat ironic, because my name means unique.

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