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    Lightbulb Thoughts on Floral, Character & Place Names?

    Hi, my baby girl is due in just 2 weeks, and I’m still undecided with a name. I have considered the names Blossom, Hermione & Sydney, I just find them beautiful and unique.

    But, I dont know how they’ll come across to others and if they’ll like them.

    Blossom, to me seems like a name people will just laugh at, does it seem too frilly and childish, even though I know two blossoms and they’re both in their late 20’s.

    Hermione, I feel will just be automatically linked to Harry Potter, and I don’t want to put her through that for her entire life. Will she hate me for naming her that? Even though she isn’t named after the character, rather I like Greek names.

    As for Sydney, will they just be connected with the city? Is it seen as “chavvy” to name your child after a place? Is Sidney too Male? I don’t know. My best friend is called Paris, and I always do think her name is beautiful and unique and not at all chavvy.

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    I'm in the US, but the name Sydney here is not really linked to the city at all. Sydney has plenty of use as a name, and I think it's a lovely choice. "Chavvy" isn't really a description used here, but with my understanding of it, no, I wouldn't say Sydney is chavvy at all.

    I like Hermione, but I do think it will be associated with Harry Potter. It's up to you if you think that will bother you too much to use the name. I doubt she will hate you, but it might be a hard name to wear, since it's so linked to a certain character and personality.

    I do find Blossom a bit childish, but I think it would make a good middle name! Sydney Blossom would be a great name.

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    Your choices are all quite different but lovely in their own ways!
    My personal favourite is Hermione. Yes, there's the HP association, but I wouldn't say that's a bad one. It also has a very earthy feel and reminds me of Shakespeare too. If it helps, I've met a kid called Hermione and she not only wore it well and easily, but having met her i didn't think about the character really.

    Sydney would be my second choice - yes it's a place but it also feels very namey. It has a different, I guess more trendy vibe than Blossom and Hermione but it's clear you love it! It feels versatile, a little rough and tumble but girly too

    Blossom I'd personally save for a middle, just because it's a little frilly for my tastes and doesn't have obvious nicknames of such frilliness doesn't suit.
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    Blossom is a very sweet choice, but yes, unfortunately I can understand how people might see it as childish. I would love to meet a little Blossom myself. I think it's rather unique!

    Hermione is not only connected to Harry Potter but also Greek mythology, the beautiful flower, one of the greatest Shakespeare plays, etc. This would be my top choice of your list. Hermione is a beautiful name with many awesome associations. Perhaps one day your daughter will grow to love Harry Potter! I don't think ids these days make fun of names as much as they once have

    Sydney is another wonderful choice. Sydney (the place itself) is gorgeous. I think this is a lovely name for a girl, but definitely the most popular (or "normal?") of the three listed here.

    Good luck!
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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Blossom-I'm not sure about this. It does seem sort of childish; or maybe a good name for a bunny rabbit! I'm not sure why though. I love Daisy, Marigold, Violet etc. It shouldn't be any different, & those names are generally accepted well. That being said, I think if you love it, go for it. It is unique, & has a lovely imagery.

    Hermione-Yep. I think that this will absolutely be associated w/Harry Potter.

    Sydney-Here in the U.S, I don't think that Sydney is too strongly associated w/the city. It's just a name, but a very popular & trendy one at that. Is it more unique where you are? I don't care for it. I think that it's hard to say, & I prefer it for a boy (well, Sidney.)

    Hope this helps.
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    Although it’ll be associated with Harry Potter I would choose Hermione of your options. It’s a lovely name and, as others have said, not just associated with HP. I know a Hermione in her early thirties and she wears it well; on her it’s just hers, if you know what I mean. I don’t think about Harry Potter when I think of her.

    I personally don’t like the name Sydney; plus, I live here! That’s not why I dislike it, I don’t have a problem with place names, it’s just something to do with the look and sound of it. Sidney to me is quite masculine but maybe doable on a girl?

    Blossom is a little too nicknamey for me - too much a term of endearment. There’s something cute about it though, but it doesn’t appeal to me as much as other floral names like Violet, Iris, Daisy and so on (I love these).

    I say go with Hermione. Hermione Blossom would be so sweet!
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    My personal test for whether or not a name is too childish is whether or not it sounds good enough for POTUS. Do I think my child will be POTUS, but I don't want to limit them with their name... if that makes sense.

    That being said, I do think Blossom is a bit much. It would be a BEAUTIFUL middle name, and she could totally choose to use it when she is older if she wants.

    Hermione would be tied with HP, not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but if that's not what you want... I still love Elsa but don't use it for the same reason.

    Sydney is totally a girl's name in the US and rarely tied with the city. It is a great choice.

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    I love Sydney Blossom as a combination!
    I don't know any male Sidney's (and I only associate that spelling as male, anyway), so I think Sydney is perfect for a girl!
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