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    Morning, berries!

    Yesterday, as I was browsing on my phone, I took a quick glance at the TV. A woman named Croatiana Orešković was speaking. The last name sounded familiar, so I googled and found out she is the daughter of a former PM of Croatia, Tihomir Orešković. He was born in Croatia in 1966 but moved to Canada when he was only two years old. He became the PM in 2016. His daughter was born in Canada, but currently resides in Croatia. He has 3 other kids, but their identities are unknown. I’m wondering if they’re equally as patriotic. 😂

    As someone who lives in Croatia, I had to laugh when I first saw this name. I’m usually all for pretty place names, but this one is not it. What are your thoughts on it?
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    It is definitely patriotic and I find it rather fitting that she is the daughter of a former PM. I'm so curious about her sibling's names as well.

    But, as for the name itself, it's a bit much.

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    It’s a clunker but I don’t think it’s ugly or terrible sounding. That said, it would be for me the equivalent of someone named Americana. Which, I have heard of. Personally I tend to think place or is this case, heavily inspired, names work better when not living in said area. So I suppose in Canada, Croatiana may seem like a tie to one’s heritage that still isn’t the weirdest name on the block. But in Croatia, indeed I could see it being totally overkill.

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    Yeah, it seems like Croatia would have been enough. There are people in the USA named America, and it's really not that odd, but Amerikiana would be a little startling. That does make me think about naming someone Americana, which is a word used to describe things that evoke an idealized stereotype of the United states, like baseball and apple pie. It would certainly be daring, but in a way, it's kind of nice.

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