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    Calling All Thirty Somethings

    Does anybody else ever feel like they’re just playing at being a grown up? Like even though you (May) have your degree and own a home and have a family and/or have a career, you’re still basically that awkward 15 year old who goofily dances to Britney Spears and *NSYNC ?
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    I think that's how it is for everyone. Or at least I hope that's how it is because I sometimes feel like a fraud. Then, other times, I'm impressed by myself and what I've accomplished or the things that I can do. In a way I hope it lasts forever because I'd like to be that old lady who is young at heart and enjoys life as though she were much younger.

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    I feel the same. I've been married, I'm divorced, I have a son and second baby on the way, a good relationship, a job I like... But some days I feel like I've got no idea what I'm doing.
    To be honest I don't like being an adult very much. I feel exhausted and scared a lot of the time. I don't understand what other people expect of me, and I'm trying not to care too much what other people think, but that's pretty hard, isn't it?
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    Yes, exactly so! I always thought I had a dose of it exceptionally bad--I was depressed through most of my 20s, or at least half of them, so I feel like I missed those fun growing up years, and now I'm 31 and don't know what's going on lol. I wasn't able to find a job right out of college, and actually start my first full-time job on Monday that is full-time, great benefits, pays well enough that I can support myself. It's almost unreal.

    But even now that I've "made it", most of the time I still feel like a fraud, that I'm a kid playing dress-up. I've spoken to women twice my age who still feel like they're faking it--it seems like such a weird concept, because when you're growing up, all women seem larger than life and so put together, so it makes me wonder WHY we all feel this way. But anyways.
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