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    Post A Name for my Character 53 (redo)

    This is a complete redo of today's thread, sorry for the confusion.

    This is a character that I also created last month and I can't what should be it's name for the character if you have an idea put it in the reply section!

    1.Description: The character is a thirteen year old boy, he has brown hair with rose beige skin, he is a bit tall and is slender. he wears a orange no-sleeve shirt with khaki shorts.

    A boy is the well liked kid in school he is cool with all the 7th and 8th graders and who is possibly the most popular kid in the school despite the fact even he has enemies that he is don't know nor aware and he likes to hang out with some of the kids outside of school. He is laid-back, rebellious, a little cocky, cool, charismatic, mild-mannered, friendly, compassionate, humorous, optimistic, down-to-earth boy, he is involved in the school like being a part of the basketball team, and in the school's shows like hosting or helping out, not only in school but he's also involved in a lot of events and projects in the neighborhood and cities like fairs and even in the theatre whom he likes a lot being in the most and even in choir with his music class. He likes to hang out in the youth center/ hangout where the kids would be on the weekends.

    The names that i'm considering:

    I would like his name to be a cool and modern name that actually has a perfect fit to him. If you had a come up with a good name, hit the reply button!

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    I always thought Nate was a cool name for a boy, and it's modern as well. Other names to consider:


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