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    Which of these similar names is best?

    Hi all,

    My husband and I are considering the following names for our first baby:

    1. Julia Laurel - We consider this a classic, which we appreciate, but I worry that Julia might be too
    2. Celia Laurel - Vibe similar to Julia, but certainly less popular. Sometimes reminds me of the name
    Sheila, which I don’t particularly like (but maybe I am crazy for associating the two?).
    3. Lelia Charlotte - Definitely wouldn’t have to worry about the popularity of this! But might be too

    We plan to have two children total, and using any one of these names for our first would preclude us from using the others in the future since they are all so similar. Names we like for a second child are Graham, Arthur or Ross for a boy, and Eloise, Claire or Darcy for a girl.

    I would love to hear which of the three names you like best, and why. Thank you!

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Julia Laurel-I think that this is nice. Julia isn't my personal favorite, & I really can't figure out why. It does have a a sweet yet sophisticated feel to it. It's not terribly popular either, but well known. I love the mn Laurel! Any chance of using that as a fn?

    Celia Laurel-This is gorgeous! I agree that Celia has a very similar vibe to Julia, yet it's just more interesting.

    Lelia Charlotte-I'm a little confused by this. Is it 'lay-lee-uh'? I think that it would constantly get mistaken for Leila. How about Lilia? I love Lilia! It's very similar, but seems more straight forward. Although Lilia is unique, other Lili names are a bit over done.

    I love Eloise & Arthur from your other lists. Either one is great w/Julia or Celia too.

    Hope this helps.
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    Celia Laurel is my favourite - familiar but quirky, vintage and literary, fresh and flowery.
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    Celia Laurel is my favorite. I think the previous two comments covered my same opinions about Lelia constantly having her name mistaken with pronunciation and spelling. And Celia is very pretty and more unique.

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    Another vote for Celia Laurel. Lelia is a confusing option, and Julia is nice but I think Celia is prettier and more unusual. I also love Celia as a potential sister to a Eloise, Claire or Darcy.

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    I'm a Celia and I've only ever gotten compliments on my name! I think Julia is a bit too safe and Lelia hard to spell/pronounce, so Celia Laurel.
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    I adore Julia Laurel and Celia Laurel! Julia and Celia share the same cool-classic, eternally youthful, feminine but not frilly feel.

    Celia is much more unusual, but doesn’t jump out as “out there” in any way, just nicely underused. I do slightly prefer Julia — it has more strength to me — but it’s not at all popular where I am. I think I prefer Celia Laurel for you. That combo is just gorgeous!
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    Celia Laurel is stunning! Celia is not a very common name yet it is easy to pronounce and spell. Such a sweet, somewhat vintage feel. I definitely don't think it is too similar to Sheila. Julia sounds a bit dated to me (although I adore Juliet) and Lelia has a pretty sound but could easily be confused for Leila/Lila/Lilia.

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    Julia is a fairly common name for middle aged women where I live, so it feels quite dated, but not dated enough for a come back. Celia is lovely. It's vintage, and in the perfect stage for reuse. Leila is a bit awkward. I'm reading it as if it rhymes with the other two names, but it feels like it should be either Lila or Lilia, maybe Layla

    My vote goes to Celia
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    I love both Julia and Celia. Julia is not commonly used where I am. I prefer its stronger sounds but I do think Celia is great and a very stylish and rarely used option.

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