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    “W” names!! Need help narrowing it down!

    Hi all!

    Deciding between these “W” names. (Middle names would either be Richard, Clarke, Michael, Patrick, or Joshua... suggested pairings welcome!):

    - Walden
    - Wolf
    - Wells
    - Webster
    - Wellan (pronounced like Ellen with a W)
    - Weaver
    - Weston
    - Wilder
    - Walter
    - Waldo (I just LOVE this, but my husband worries about the association to the Where’s Waldo books...)
    - Warner/Werner

    If there are some you love, let me know! If there are some you hate, let me know why!

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    Wilder and Webster are great!!
    I also love Weston!!

    Weston Joshua, Wilder Patrick and Webster Michael
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    Walden and Wilder are fantastic! They both evoke literature and ideas for me because of Henry David Thoreau’s ‘Walden Pond’ and the playwright Thornton Wilder respectively. Walden Is complemented well by Patrick, Joshua and Clarke in my opinion and Wilder by Patrick and Clarke.

    Wells could definitely grow on me, as could some of the others, but the ones mentioned stand out to me.

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    Wolf, Wells & Wilder are the ones I like best of the list (though I do prefer Wolf as a middle). I can't say I'm too keen on any of the others actually, as I tend to find them either very heavy and dated (Walter) or I associate them too strongly as surnames and don't 'see' them as firsts (Webster). Of the middles, I like Joshua.

    Other W- names I like/don't mind include Windsor, Wilkie, Wim, Wren, Wynn, Willem, Wyatt, Willoughby, Whitney, Wiley, Winslow & Wolfram.
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    Walden - I quite like this name. It's new to me, but it feels vintage. I also like the meaning. I think Walden Clarke is the best combination.
    Wolf - a fairly brave choice, but not u heard of. Bear, Fox and Kit are all growing in popularity alongside Wolf. Not my style, but I do admire it. Not sure which middle name I would pair with it, none of them really sound substantial enough.
    Wells - Short and sweet, I quite like it. I like Wells Michael and Wells Richard
    Webster - not a fan of this name, and I took me a while to realise why. It seems very nerdy to me, probably because of the dictionary. Webster Patrick and Webster Clarke sound good to me
    Wellan - Reminds me of Wellington books, and saying it with the middle name sounds almost like 'well on X' or 'well done X'. My preferred combination would be Wellan Joshua
    Weaver - I quite like this one, it's interesting. I like Weaver Clarke and Weaver Michael
    Weston - sounds rather preppy to me, but I like it. Weston Clarke and Weston Joshua
    Wilder - I like this one. Very outdoorsy and cool. Wilder Patrick and Walder Joshua are great
    Walter - feels fairly dated, but not unusable. Walter Clarke would be my suggestion for a more modern combination
    Waldo - the where's Waldo association is strong to me, and I live in the UK where we call him Wally. If you were to go for it, Waldo Patrick is quite nice, but I wpuldnt recommend
    Warner/Werner - feels harsh to me, like a strict teacher who is always telling people off. Warner Clarke, Warner Joshua or Warner Michael sound good as combinations to me

    I like Walden, Wolf and Wilder the best. I think Wilder Patrick is my favourite
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    You have a lot of great choices! Wells and Walter are my favorites. Have you considered Watson? That's my overall favorite W name for a boy, followed closely by Wyatt. I also like Wiley and Winslow.
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    Of the ones you listed these were my favorite W names.

    Wells Michael
    Weston Clarke
    Warner Joshua
    Waldo Clarke
    Weston Patrick
    Waldo Richard

    I love the name Weston! And I know there's the association with Waldo but I still kinda like it! Growing up there was a TV character named Rocco and now that association is gone for the most part and it's growing in popularity, so same could go for Waldo.

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    I think Walter is adorable and ready for a comeback! Walter Clarke or Walter Joshua would be great combos. Walden is a similar name that has more of a cool guy rather than vintage vibe. Walden Clarke is awesome!

    Weston and Wilder are my other favorites on your list. They both have a rambunctious little boy feel! Weston Clarke and Wilder Patrick flow well to me.

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