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    Middle Name for Raven

    I need help deciding on a middle name for my character, Raven Hartley.

    If it helps, the other main characters with her are:
    Lotus "Lottie" Rae Myers
    Zoey "Zo" Harper Ellis
    Jak Ryan Sterling

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    Do you want to keep the "one one-syllable, two two-syllable" pattern or do you want to mix it up with something longer?

    Raven Lynn Hartley
    Raven Jane Hartley
    Raven Sky Hartley
    Raven Elle Hartley

    Raven Elizabeth Hartley
    Raven Isabella Hartley
    Raven Cristiana Hartley
    Raven Alessia Hartley
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    I actually didn't notice that pattern until you pointed it out.

    I actually really like Raven Lynn,

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