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    Thoughts on these names?

    Not pregnant but these are names I’d use in the future for potential children.

    I want to know your opinion or any alternative name suggestions.

    Clara Noelle
    Melody Elizabeth
    Theodora Violet
    Ariana Scarlett
    Milena Kate

    Zachary James
    Isaac William
    Noah Christopher
    Eric James

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    Clara Noelle: a very sophisticated name and it flows nicely
    Meoldy Elizabeth: not a fan of Melody but the name sounds gentle and evokes a good feeling
    Theodora Violet: sounds like a queen's name. I love this combo.
    Ariana Scarlett: a stunning, beautiful name. Would work on any kind of girl
    Milena Kate: it's a very cutesy name, but a nice name nonetheless

    Zachary James: a nice, strong, masculine name. It's a little bland for my taste
    Isaac William: I love th flare of Isaac with the more common William. I think it would work on any kind of boy
    Noah Christopher: It's a soft name like Melody Elizabeth. I think they would make a good sib set
    Eric James: not a fan of Eric but the name flows well

    Other names you might like:


    Hope this helps
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    Clara Noelle - Very pretty. This name screams holiday season because of the Christmas and Nutcracker refrences together.
    Melody Elizabeth - Great balance of sweet, classic, and down to Earth.
    Theodora Violet - Strong and feminine, in a timeless way.
    Ariana Scarlett - To me it feels like names from different eras.
    Milena Kate - I'm not into this name like I am into the others.

    I love all of your boy choices. They are all so classic, handsome, have a good flow, and are timeless yet modern at the same time.
    Zachary James
    Isaac William
    Noah Christopher
    Eric James

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    Clara Noelle - simple, cleae and sweet
    Melody Elizabeth - love the gentle sounds and flow
    Theodora Violet - unexpected, sleek but clunky at the same time -in a good way
    Ariana Scarlett - quite nice but they dont quite fit/work for me. Lilia Scarlett? Ariana Skye? Skye Ariana? Aria Juliet? Briana Scarlett?

    Milena Kate - sweet and different. Melina Kate would be cute too

    Zachary James - classic and steady feeling. Zachary Jude would be nice too

    Isaac William - classic but sweet and fresh. Isaac Alexander, Isaac Winston and Isaac Thomas?

    Noah Christopher - not a fan of the flow tbh. Noah James, Noah Samuel, Noah Elias, Noah Jeremy, Noah Benjamin?

    Eric James - fit and flow well together
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