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    Clara, Eleanor, Florence or Miriam?

    Looking for advice on our final shortlist for a sister to Maya Charlotte and Genevieve (Evie) Rose. Last name starts with an R sound (Wr). Miriam is a family name that I’d like to honour in some way, maybe as a middle name.

    Clara Simone
    Eleanor Iris (nn Nora)
    Eleanor Miriam (nn Nora)
    Florence Miriam (nn Flora or Fleur)
    Miriam Ruby (nn Mimi)

    Really loving Clara at the moment but worried it is a mouthful with an ‘R’ surname.

    Thanks in advance, other suggestions also welcome!

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    Hello! I love the names Simone and Florence! You have a lot of great combinations. My vote is for Florence Miriam. I do think Clara Wr--- could run together, as could Eleanor since it ends in r. Maya is a shorter name and Genevieve is a longer one and Florence feels like it balances between the two, plus the nickname Flora is similar to Clara in sound. I do like all of your options, but Florence Miriam gets my vote!

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    I think Florence Miriam is a beautiful combo

    What about Clarissa Miriam nn Clara - the R in Clarissa is slightly softer than the R in Clara, so it might sound better with your surname and you can still use Clara as a nickname

    Good luck choosing!
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    I love the name Clara, its sounds very regal in a way. Unsure of what your surname is but using Miriam as the middle name I think Clara Miriam would be very beautiful and wouldn't think that it would be too much of a mouthful.

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    I'm really liking Eleanor and Florence.

    Genevieve/Evie sounds out of place next to Clara and Maya, imo.
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    I really like Eleanor Iris
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    Miriam! So gorgeous. The others are nice too but Miriam Ruby is beautiful

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    Florence "Flora" Miriam is a lovely combo, and I think it's a beautiful third to Maya & Genevieve (and Maya, Evie & Flora sound lovely together, too)

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    I guess I have to vote for Eleanor Iris, right?!! (See my signature - and I also think we have the same surname!)

    That said, I love Clara and Flora, and I don’t think either of these - or Eleanor - mushes into the R surname.

    (Clara and Flora were both considered for our Eleanor, but seemed too short next to Elizabeth).

    If you really want to use Miriam, I’d say go with Florence MiriamFlora”. Otherwise I’d use Eleanor IrisNora” or Clara Iris.

    All great names - good luck deciding!

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