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    So hard!! Need name advice

    Me and my boyfriend are expecting a baby (my second and his first). We just found out a few weeks ago that baby is a girl. Her big sister is named Harper Grace. This is my list of baby girl names and what I like about them.

    Margot Leigh - I have loved this name since my first pregnancy. Leigh is my middle name and Margot is a beautiful name.
    Laurel Kate - I have loved Laurel since my first pregnancy too, and before I was even pregnant. I’m not too sure about Kate for the middle name though. Need help with that.
    Layla Wren - Layla had been on my mind a lot before I found out I was pregnant and it’s still been on my mind. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and I love the name Wren for a middle name.
    Rosalie Jade - I’ve been seeing my late grandma’s name lately - and I keep seeing pictures of her with me whenever I go to look at my baby pictures. The first part of her name is Rose so Rosalie is special. I love Jade - it’s pretty but short.
    Remi Madeleine - I recently heard the name Remi and I love it. It’s cute but short and I love the flow of Remi Madeleine. I don’t really have many connections for the name but I like how it sounds altogether.
    Lorelai Leigh - Leigh is my middle name, and yes I love Gilmore Girls. That didn’t really influence my liking of the entire name though. I think it being spelled Lorelei would be way too many E’s for me.
    Stella Bridget - This name has been on my baby name list for a long time now. I love both names, but I don’t really have much of a connection to them.

    The names are ranked from favorite to least favorite. Can you help me with modifying these names and give me opinions on the names? I’m stuck on which ones to cross off my list and which ones to keep!

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    I know its very popular, but have you considered Rose as a middle for one of your first name choices?

    I think Margot Rose is lovely and would be a great name with Harper Grace.

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    All of these names are beautiful!!! I can see why you're having difficulty narrowing down your list.

    I honestly can't even pick a favorite but I did think that Margot Leigh and Stella Bridget could even swap names.... I think Bridget Leigh and Stella Margot also sound nice.

    I'll be honest I'm not totally feeling Laurel Kate. I like the name but if you're saying Laurel and Harper together my brain goes to Laurel and Hardy which were the last names of a famous comedy duo... they got their start over 60 years before I was even born and I still know who they are so I'm sure maybe other people might make that connection? I mean it's not as likely since they're far removed from current pop culture but it's possible.

    Layla Wren and Rosalie Jade are so sweet. I could see either one as a sister to Harper.

    I love the sound and look of Remi, especially spelled with an i. I definitely don't mean to be offensive at all but when I see it spelled with a y I think of the alcohol, the rapper, and then the Disney character in that order.

    I'm also a huge Gilmore Girls fan and while I like the name Lorelai, I like Leigh paired with Margot or Bridget better.

    One more thing I just thought of is that Harper and Margot start with the same first rhyming syllable (Har and Mar)... totally not a big deal I just thought I'd point it out in case that bothers you. It's just a connection they share which you might see as a good thing or a bad thing (or be neutral!)

    I'm currently feeling the combination of Stella Margot with Harper Grace but I liked all of the combinations you provided!! Good luck with your decision!

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    Those are all great names, and most of them even mix-and-match well together!
    I love the idea of Rosalie to honor your beloved grandmother. It also kind of combines the sounds of her name and yours, and then linking them to your daughter as well. (Just wondering, is your mother's name an option to incorporate somehow, given the combo of yours and your grandmother's names?)

    Would you consider:
    Stella Rosalie
    Margot Rosalie
    Layla Rosalie

    Or Rosalie Margot, and you could call her Remi for short if you want?

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    I think Rosalie Margot nn Remi is a brilliant suggestion!!! It honors Rose, has Leigh, albeit spelled differently, has your favorite name, and Remi! I love it!

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    Your names are all beautiful! I also have a personal connection to a grandmother Rose so I definitely am biased towards Rosalie as a name! I agree with the above posters - Rosalie Margo would be such a lovely combo.

    Margo Leigh is super cute and spunky and it seems like you love it a lot. Harper and Margo go well together as sisters!

    Although I like Laurel, it has a very different vibe than Harper to me. Not my favorite on the list.

    Layla Wren is absolutely adorable and would make the cutest sister to Harper Grace! Layla Rosalie would be a great combo also.

    Remi Madeleine is cute, but not my favorite.

    I love Lorelai, especially this spelling! I quite like the alliteratio of Lorelai Leigh. Not sure I picture a Lorelai as Harper's sister though.

    I like Stella but I'm not sure about the flow of this name. Maybe Stella Rose or Stella Wren? However, it seems like you aren't in love with it, so you could probably take it off the list to help narrow it down a bit.

    You can't go wrong here, all would be stunning!

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    I think Rosalie is a lovely option to honor both your grandmother, Rose, as well as yourself, in Leigh. As Rosalie doesn't pair so well with nature-y Wren or Laurel, and you're not so sure on Kate, I think Rosalie Margot or Layla Rosalie would be perfect combos for you, that both fit well with sister Harper Grace. If the namesakes aren't absolutely necessary for you, Layla Margot would also be lovely.

    While they are very nice names, I think you could probably cut the last three combos from your list, just because you haven't any real connection or absolute adoration for them, as you do the others. That would help narrow things down quite a bit. If you cut them and then find you're still thinking about one in particular, you could try adding it to a true favourite (Stella Margot would make for a lovely combo, for example).

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    Rosalie Jade for the win!
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    So many lovely names! Rosalie Jade is probably my fave, followed by Layla Wren and Margot Leigh
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    I like most of your names except I'm afraid I really dislike Laurel, Lorelai and Rosalie. Laura is smarter than Laurel; Lorelai and Rosalie are fussy, frilly names that seem entirely different to the streamlined unisex Harper, so would seem very odd as sisters. Rose however is lovely and would work as a first name or middle.

    I like these in this order:

    - Margot Leigh - this is good, a great combo, and Leigh for her mum. I love Margot as Harper's sister.
    - Stella Bridget - this works well and has a feistiness to it. I prefer Bridget as a first name though -
    Bridget Rose or Bridget Madeleine would work. If it was Bridget first, then it would be my first
    - Remi Madeleine - a good combo, and Remi sounds good as Harper's sister.
    - Layla Wren - good combo, nice names.

    I would add Rose Madeleine as an option.

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