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    I think both spellings are perfectly acceptable and I see both used in real life. I prefer the symmetry of the Damian spelling but either way I think it's a handsome name and sounds classic without being overly common.
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    I much prefer the Damian spelling. Just a personal choice... I also prefer Aidan to Aiden, so it could be an a vs e thing for me

    Have you considered the name Damon? One of my sons has a friend with this name, and I always thought it was pretty cool.

    Either spelling would work fine, so best of luck!

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    I’ve never known or met a Damien/Damian and I’ve only seen it written on here, both spellings and only a handful of times. I’m personally preferring the Damien least at this moment.

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    Another point on "default" vs. "alternative" spellings - everyone's default is not the most common or "traditional" spelling. My name is the traditional, default spelling of a name that has seen a lot of alternative and creative spellings. I am regularly asked to spell my name, and people who guess don't always guess correctly (I often get Stephany and Stephenie [thanks, Twilight!]).

    Which is to say, even if you named him Damian, he would still encounter people whose default is Damien and have to correct the spelling of his name. So if you really like the name, I don't think you need to worry about doing him a disservice by choosing the spelling you like. It helps that you're choosing an extremely common variation, so Damien feels like a purely aesthetic choice rather than an attempt to be different or creative.
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    I like Damian but I love Damien.

    As a Lilian-not-Lillian I can say that it is only slightly inconvenient to not have the more popular spelling of a name. Go for Damien.
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