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Thread: Boys names

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    Boys names

    We are thinking about baby 3 we have Amy & Thomas.

    Lately I'v been crushing on the NN Teo only name I can think of using as the full name is Theodore. We have 2 other names on our list which are Edward & Harry. Which boys name do you think sounds best with Amy & Thomas. Last name sounds like Picture.

    Theodore Richard
    Edward Richard
    Harry Anthony?

    A couple other names we like are Tristan, Stanley & Vincent.

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    Theodore 'Teo' is amazing!! I also like Tristan for you

    A few others that popped into my mind that might stretch to the nn Teo (and fit with your style/kids names) were Anthony, Peter, Toby, Timothy, Christopher - as i day, some are definitely a stretch.
    Matteo, Antonio, Thaddeus might be bolder choices?
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    Theodore Richard nn Teo us definitely the standout for me!
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    Thank you.

    Anthony/Antonio and Thaddeus although I love all of them my fiancé won’t go for them. Peter and Christopher are nice I know people with both names. I have never considered Toby I find it quite modern for my taste.

    Matteo is where i got Teo from I was reading a story where Matteo nn Teo was the main male character the nick name Teo just stick out to me.

    Timothy is ok. I did think of using a T first name and then have 2 middles one beginning with E and the other O to get the TEO initials however I couldn’t think of a O boys name I liked Oliver and Oscar are our.

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    Bump :-)…..

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    My first thought was Bartholomew. Teo may be a stretch tho for a nn.
    Other options

    I think Theodore would be your best bet unless you want to go with a more uncommon name

    Hope these help
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    Stanley was on my list! I think a little Stan would be unexpected and cool for a teen/adult

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