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Thread: Artist nn Ari?

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    Smile Artist nn Ari?

    I've been daydreaming about the name Artist. I'm still teetering with if it's suitable but after meeting an adorable boy named Artist I'm leaning towards why not lol. I also feel as though I get a 2 for 1 since I also LOVE the name Ari but can never find a suitable middle that feels right.

    So thoughts on Artist? Also thoughts on the latest middles I've been loving for him:

    Artist Laszlo
    Artist Oswald
    Artist Mackenzie
    Artist McKinley
    Artist Hadley
    Artist Dmitri/Dimitri
    Artist Ilya

    Of course, I would like it to be cohesive with my other tops for boys so opinions on that as well (I already feel as though Artist "Ari" & Acre are way too close and break my rule of no duplicate letters but I can't get it out of my head).
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    ~{Possible Additions}~

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    I love unique names but I would use it as a middle

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    Artist seems to fit with the othrr names in your signature!

    Artist Laszlo is great!

    Artist Lorenzo
    Artist Flynn
    Artist Reilly
    Artist Eugene
    Artist Ambrose
    Artist Lorcan
    Artist Rowan
    Artist Maxwell
    Artist Fionn
    Artist Lyle
    Artist Jonah
    Artist Theodore
    Artist Milo
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    I think if Art is usable, there's no reason Artist can't be. It fits in really well with your other names too.
    I adore Artist Oswald, it's an incredibly cute combo, and the nn Ari is perfect!

    I think if the double letters bother you at all, Sebastian Acre has a wonderful flow to it, and thus frees up the A space for Artist! Sebastian Acre and Artist Oswald would be such sweet brothers! (Tallulah Poem would also be incredible!)
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    My first thought was "that is a job not a name", but then Mason and Sawyer are jobs and names, so why can't Artist be an occupational name?

    I like it, and Ari is a nice nn too. None of your middles are really catching my eye other than Artist Dimitri.

    Other middle ideas
    Artist Dominic
    Artist Theodore
    Artist Raphael
    Artist Lucian/Luciano
    Artist Vincenzo
    Artist Julian
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