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    Thoughts on Short List - Girls

    I think we've narrowed down our list to a handful of combos. Thoughts/opinions/suggestions are all welcome, I just ask that you be honest but kind. Honour names are nonnegotiable for the most part and they are italicized. Thank you in advance

    Phoebe Silena Owl
    Rosamund Eliana Rahab/Rosamund Nita Rahab/Rosamund Hadassah Rahab
    Persephone Aurora Dove
    Celia Guinevere Yvaine
    Evangeline Vesper Jean
    Hadassah Sparrow
    Annabel Aurelia
    Pia Arabella Hymn
    Meg Lillian Georgiana/Meg Arabella Georgeanne
    Elsa Guinevere Snow/Elsa Aurora Snow/Elsa Celia Snow
    Guinevere Syrena Selene

    *I have a boys version too*
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    I love:
    Phoebe Silena Owl -lively with a sense of elegance and mystery

    Rosamund Eliana Rahab -such a lovely mix of feminine, vintage and unexpectedness

    Persephone Aurora Dove -bouncy, interesting and lovely

    Annabel Aurelia -i like the alliteration here! It's brilliant

    Elsa Aurora Snow -lively, bouncy, fresh and pretty
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    So many great names!

    My favorites:
    Rosamund Eliana Rahab - This is my favorite of your 3 Rosamund options! I think Eliana lightens up the heavier Rosamund & Rahab, I'd save Hadassah to use as a first name, & Nita has bad associations for me, so I can't give unbiased opinions on it.
    Persephone Aurora Dove - The flow of this is amazing!
    Evangeline Vesper Jean - Vesper Jean is such a sassy addition to Evangeline! I love it! I'd slightly prefer Joy, June, Jade, or Jane instead of Jean since they don't rhyme with Evangeline.
    Hadassah Sparrow - Hadassah is a new love of mine! I think the "s" sounds run together a little in this combo.. Maybe Hadassah Lark, Hadassah Lillian Sparrow, Hadassah Vesper Dove, Hadassah Jean Sparrow, Hadassah Laurel Sparrow
    Meg Arabella Georgeanne - Meg Arabella is especially stunning & Georgeanne is a nice addition as an honor name! This one might be my favorite from your list!
    Elsa Guinevere Snow - Spunky & beautiful. Elsa Aurora Snow is a little too Disney princess & Elsa Celia Snow is a bit "S" heavy.

    Least favorites:
    Phoebe Silena Owl - Not my favorite from your list because I've never been able to like Phoebe. Silena Owl is sweet though!
    Celia Guinevere Yvaine - There isn't any thing wrong with this one, I just don't care for these names together.
    Annabel Aurelia - I love both of these names, but the flow doesn't do anything for me here. Maybe Annabel Selena Owl, Annabel Celia Jean, Annabel Syrena Snow, Aurelia Guinevere Selene, Guinevere Aurelia Selene
    Pia Arabella Hymn - I want to like this one & do like how it looks, but I personally don't care for Pia & Hymn looks nice, but just sounds like "him". I'd choose Meg Arabella Georgeanne every time!
    Guinevere Syrena Selene - I think Syrena & Selene are too similar to be in the same combo.
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    Persephone & Evangeline are my faves.

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    Phoebe Silena Owl - Silena is nms, but I like other two names and combo feels very unique
    Rosamund Eliana Rahab/Rosamund Nita Rahab/Rosamund Hadassah Rahab - I prefer Rosamund Nita Rahab, I dislike Rahab, but it's your choice, and I think Nita makes combo feel lighter
    Persephone Aurora Dove - lovely combo, no complains there
    Celia Guinevere Yvaine - lovely combo, my favorite out of your list
    Evangeline Vesper Jean - also lovely combo
    Hadassah Sparrow - it's OK, but nothing spetacular
    Annabel Aurelia - love the aliteration
    Pia Arabella Hymn - Hymn! love word choice here, may I suggest Poem? Pia Arabella Hymn makes stunning combo
    Meg Lillian Georgiana /Meg Arabella Georgeanne - I think I would prefer Megan and Georgiana
    Elsa Guinevere Snow/Elsa Aurora Snow/Elsa Celia Snow - I like Elsa Aurora Snow better out of all combos
    Guinevere Syrena Selene - not my thing, but lovely nontheless

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Phoebe Silena Owl-Phoebe is quite sweet. It has an old fashioned feel, & seems like a smart & spunky girl. I don't care much for the mns, but they're fine. It has a good flow.

    Rosamund Eliana Rahab/Rosamund Nita Rahab/Rosamund Hadassah Rahab-Rosamund is gorgeous. Very dramatic, but in a good way. Pretty & unique, but not overly complicated. The nn Rosie makes it even better. I like Rosamund Eliana Rahab the best.

    Persephone Aurora Dove-I feel like I should like Persephone, but can't get into it. It reminds me of Stephanie, which is just so 80s. I like Calliope!

    Celia Guinevere Yvaine-Celia Guinevere is gorgeous! I don't care much for Yvaine, but it's okay as a second mn.

    Evangeline Vesper Jean-This is just way too much. I don't care much for Evangeline at all, nor do I find that Vesper sounds very pretty.

    Hadassah Sparrow-I love Sparrow! Hadassah is kind of unique & interesting, but I don't think that it has that pretty of a sound. Better as a mn in my opinion.

    Annabel Aurelia-Ooh, that's pretty. I like the alliteration here. I kind of prefer Annabelle, because then you can use the nn Belle.

    Pia Arabella Hymn-I don't know. I just kind of hear the 'pee' part.

    Meg Lillian Georgiana/Meg Arabella Georgeanne-I think Meg, although not my style, is fine but much better as a nn. Margaret preferably. Margaret Lillian Georgiana is lovely.

    Elsa Guinevere Snow/Elsa Aurora Snow/Elsa Celia Snow-Ooh, pretty! I think that Snow is a neat mn, but w/the whole Elsa being the ice queen in Frozen, this might be too much...

    Guinevere Syrena Selene-As you can see in my signature, I *love* Guinevere! It's been my favorite name for years and years. It's just perfect. I don't care much for the mns. They seem a little too similar to each other. I'd at least do Guinevere Serena Celine.

    Hope this helps.
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    Phoebe Silena Owl - Love this, it's 100% perfect, 10/10
    Rosamund Eliana Rahab - unsure how to pronounce Rahab, but the combo is well balanced. 7/10
    Persephone Aurora Dove - Flows perfectly, it sounds positively lyrical. 10/10
    Celia Guinevere Yvaine - Doesn't flow quite right from Guinevere Yvaine, but the name are all lovely. 8/10
    Evangeline Vesper Jean - Super cute, love the unexpected Jean as the bow on top. Not crazy about the rhyming of Evangeline with Jean. 7/10
    Hadassah Sparrow - I like both names, but they're both pretty unusual, so it seems like a heavy combo.
    Annabel Aurelia - Beautiful names, nice alliteration. 8/10
    Pia Arabella Hymn - I don't care for Pia, it lacks substance to me. This combo doesn't flow well to my ear, and aesthetically is a bit odd in my opinion. 3/10
    Meg Lillian Georgiana - I actually like Meg as a standalone, and it smart to pair it with some long flowy names. Good balance here, just not stellar flow. 8/10
    Elsa Guinevere Snow - while I understand it's an honor name, Snow isn't a good idea with Elsa. 6/10
    Guinevere Syrena Selene - I really dislike Syrena Selene. It doesn't sound good. Guinevere and Selene are pretty though. 6/10

    I suggest you switch Jean with Snow. It would improve both of the combos, while not sacrificing the important honor names. (Elsa Guinevere Jean, Evangeline Vesper Snow. Both 10/10 awesome)

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