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    Thoughts on Short List - Boys

    I think we've narrowed down our list to a handful of combos. Thoughts/opinions/suggestions are all welcome, I just ask that you be honest but kind. Honour names are nonnegotiable for the most part and they are italicized. Thank you in advance

    Judah Leonidas
    Remington Hezekiah
    Thaddeus Newt
    Taran Elias Psalm
    Fagan Micah Hymn
    Gareth Denver Wolf
    Damon Monroe Raven
    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint
    Jedidiah Anakin
    Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan
    Galahad Eden Orlando
    Mordred Matthias Praise
    Anakin Emrys Wolf

    *I have a girls post too*
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    Judah Leonidas • Remington Hezekiah • Thaddeus Newt • Taran Elias Psalm
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    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint is my favorite but none are really my cup of tea. I think this combo is interesting and well balanced, and I love the name Saint!

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    Judah Leonidas is amazing!

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    Remington, Gareth & Jedediah are my faves

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    I love
    Judah Leonidas -amazing!!
    Thaddeus Newt
    Gareth Denver Wolf
    Galahad Eden Orlando (Love it!!)
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    Judah Leonidas - kind of brave, like the sounds, not the imagery
    Remington Hezekiah - it's OK
    Thaddeus Newt - it's nice
    Taran Elias Psalm - not a fan of first name
    Fagan Micah Hymn - not a fan of first name
    Gareth Denver Wolf - nice
    Damon Monroe Raven - nice
    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint - not a fan of either names
    Jedidiah Anakin - errrm, no
    Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan - nope
    Galahad Eden Orlando - yes, I like this one better
    Mordred Matthias Praise - mmmmm, imagery, imagery
    Anakin Emrys Wolf - it's OK, but imagery, anyone?

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    My favorites from your list are Gareth Denver Wolf and Damon Monroe Raven, though the flow on the second one is tripping me up a little bit as theirs many repeating sounds. Thaddeus Newt , Taran Elias Psalm and Judah Leonidias are really cool too.

    The only 2 I really don't like are Fagan Micah Hymn and Mordred Matthias Praise. I don't think either first name is usable to be honest, but the combos are goregous. I also think the combo of Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan has a lot of simlar sounds in Hezekiah and Ezekiel and makes it a tongue-twister. Hezekiah Matthias Praise or Hezekiah Matthias Canaan would be lovely.
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    I love Gareth Denver, Damon Monroe and Thaddeus Newt, they have a cool, tough sound to them.
    But I’m going to be brutally honest for a second here, Fagan is completely unusable. Are you aware that your child would be called Fag at school? For the love of God, just strike that one entirely.
    Anakin sounds like a lame Star Wars reference and Mordred, Galahad and Kallixto are ridiculous.
    The rest of your list is great, so I see no reason to use one of these uber-unique names that your child is going to dislike and you will probably regret at some point.

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    Judah Leonidas and Gareth Denver Wolf are my favorites. I like that the first names are a bit more familiar (therefore easier for people to pronounce and spell) yet not common (I've never met a Judah or Gareth) paired with cool, uncommon middle names. I also love the first name Damon but I'm not loving the flow of the combo. Maybe Damon Hezekiah Monroe or Damon Ezekiel Raven?

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    I really, really like Gareth Denver Wolf! My second favorite name is Damon Monroe Raven. My third option would be Anakin Emrys Wolf or Taran Elias Psalm.
    I also like Judah, Saint, Newt, Micah, Ezekiel, Eden and Matthias.
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