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    Thoughts on Short List - Boys

    I think we've narrowed down our list to a handful of combos. Thoughts/opinions/suggestions are all welcome, I just ask that you be honest but kind. Honour names are nonnegotiable for the most part and they are italicized. Thank you in advance

    Judah Leonidas
    Remington Hezekiah
    Thaddeus Newt
    Taran Elias Psalm
    Fagan Micah Hymn
    Gareth Denver Wolf
    Damon Monroe Raven
    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint
    Jedidiah Anakin
    Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan
    Galahad Eden Orlando
    Mordred Matthias Praise
    Anakin Emrys Wolf

    *I have a girls post too*
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    Arabella • Celia • Guinevere • Diana • Selene • Evangeline • Hadassah • Annabel • Yvaine • Vesper • Ophelia • Jacinda • Cordelia • Pia
    Judah Leonidas • Remington Hezekiah • Thaddeus Newt • Taran Elias Psalm
    Gareth • Damon • Kalixto • Boaz • Jedidiah • Anakin • Fagan • Percival • Wilder • Azaiah • Ezekiel • Koda • Sparrow • Canaan

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    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint is my favorite but none are really my cup of tea. I think this combo is interesting and well balanced, and I love the name Saint!
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    Judah Leonidas is amazing!

    Little Laddies
    Judah Raphael
    Maxim Everett
    Thiago Julien

    Little Lassies
    Willa Margot
    Esme Felicity
    Ayla Juniper
    Noa Vivienne

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    Remington, Gareth & Jedediah are my faves

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    I love
    Judah Leonidas -amazing!!
    Thaddeus Newt
    Gareth Denver Wolf
    Galahad Eden Orlando (Love it!!)
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    Ezra Apollo|Tristan Rafferty|Sholto Felix|Otto Elias

    Anya Camille|Bea Louisa |Carys Aurelia|Darcy Peridot
    Abel Lysander|Billy Paxton|Charles Ivor|Dash Henry

    More names!

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