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    Quote Originally Posted by greeneyes375 View Post
    I think we've narrowed down our list to a handful of combos. Thoughts/opinions/suggestions are all welcome, I just ask that you be honest but kind. Honour names are nonnegotiable for the most part and they are italicized. Thank you in advance

    Judah Leonidas
    Remington Hezekiah
    Thaddeus Newt
    Taran Elias Psalm
    Fagan Micah Hymn
    Gareth Denver Wolf
    Damon Monroe Raven
    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint
    Jedidiah Anakin
    Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan
    Galahad Eden Orlando
    Mordred Matthias Praise
    Anakin Emrys Wolf

    *I have a girls post too*
    Judah Leonidas
    Remington Hezekiah
    Damon Monroe Raven

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    I like:

    Judah Leonidas
    Thaddeus Newt
    Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan

    The Judah and Hezekiah combos are quite heavy on the Biblical imagery but still cool and wearable. Thaddeus Newt is very quirky and bookish. I'm a fan.
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    Just a quick note-

    I also wouldn’t use Jedidiah Anakin. Soooo Star Wars. Idk if you did this on purpose but it’s essentially Jedi Anakin

    Little Laddies
    Judah Rafael Xiang
    Arthur Thiago Han
    Hugo Valentine Weizhe

    Little Lassies
    Ayla Marigold Mingxia
    Sylvie Juniper Yanlin
    Indie Elowen Mei Hua
    Noa Vivienne Zhilan

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