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    Middle name for Abigail

    We have decided on Abigail nn Abby for our baby girl. We have narrowed down our middle name choices to two!

    1. Abigail Paige - Paige sounds similar to the nickname DH has given our baby and the name he jokingly has told friends and family for years that he would name his it is his clear choice. I love the subtly matching “ai” in both names, the flow with our very British 2 syllable last name, and that I can see “Abby Paige” to the tune of “Penny Lane.”

    2. Abigail Patricia - I have always dreamed about using Patricia as a middle name to honor my grandmother. I do think the names go together, but it is a mouthful!

    Which would you choose?

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    Both sound great. Although the names and styles are obviously different, the first initial of both middles give it a sort of similarity. Would you be calling her by both if you went by Abigail Paige?

    I don't think it would be a crazy thing to officially name her Abigail Patricia for your grandmother, and affectionately call her "Abby Paige."

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    I love the spunkiness of Abigail Paige, nn Abby Paige. But I also like the sentimental value that Patricia has. I agree with PP, you could probably get away with naming her Abigail Patricia and just calling her Abby Paige. I guess my advise is that if it means more to you to honor your grandmother, then consider what if this is your only girl, and last chance to use the honor name? Would you be disappointed in you didn't get to use it? Could you use Abigail Patricia here, and then if there's a future girl, agree to use Paige in her name?
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    I voted for Abigail Patricia because I love honor names, I think it's a sweet, unexpected middle that goes well with Abigail, & like the pp said, I think you can get both names you love by using the nn Abby Paige.
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    I voted Abigail Paige because I think Paige can be used as an honor for Patricia, given the P initial, and I love the story behind why you like Paige as a MN.

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    Why not use both Abigail Paige Patricia sounds great.

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    Leaning toward Abigail Paige for the reasons eleventhbelle mentioned!

    We will mostly just call her Abby, but I like the option of Abby Paige for fun. I think if we don’t choose Paige, we will both feel like it was a missed opportunity to play off of the nickname my husband uses for her. I’m thinking the P initial may be enough to still count as an honor name for Patricia, like in Jewish tradition (though we are not Jewish). If we went with Patricia, I don’t think we’d ever feel right calling her Abby Paige because it just wouldn’t be her name! Abigail Paige might actually give us the best of both worlds. Thanks for all the help!

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