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Thread: Our baby girl.

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    Our baby girl.

    Amelie June was born yesterday and she’s absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to thank the people on NameBerry for helping me out with my ruminating and obsessing over the last few months. I was going back and forth between so many names from Olive to Margot to Celine and more, but ultimately my partner was most in love with Amelie, and I’ve always thought it to be a beautiful name.

    The main other contender was Matilda and maybe we will use it one day but after rewatching the film Amélie just 24 hours before I went into labour the name became the front runner again. Not that we didn’t then question our choice yet again after she was born (hence yet another post!)...

    Anyway, I love the whimsy of the name and the aesthetic it evokes for me because of the film. Amélie is a wonderful character and I’d have no problem if my one shows the generosity, altruism and imagination of the film’s.

    June is for her grandfather, my dad, who passed away 14 years ago. He was born on D-Day in 1944 (June 6) and so it’s a subtle nod to him and his life rather than his passing.

    Thanks again for responding to my incessant posts, it really did help!

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    Congratulations! I love her name!

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    Amelie June is gorgeous! Congratulations!

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    beautiful name! congrats!
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    Amelie June is a beautiful name. Congratulations!

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