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    "Girl" Names for Boys

    I understand that many parents want to name their girls boys names because of the masculine qualities or the belief that people will think she is a he on applications. However, I think this just downplays feminine qualities and strength, power, fortitude and ambition are all those qualities. So if you were gonna name a boy without thinking about the gender behind the name, what would it be?

    For me I've always loved Paris, Ashley and Rose for a boy

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    I think Paris has a history of use as a male name dating back quite a ways, and Ashley more recently. I think Rose/Roisin(ro-SHEEN) could work as a boys names pretty easily, too, just based on sound. I can't really think of any decidedly feminine names that I love for a boy but I'm sure there are lots that would work! Especially in the nature/word names family (ie. jade, clover, dove, verity)
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    Everybody says Sasha is a girl’s name but I’ve always loved it for a boy and have kept it on my boy’s list for years.

    I also like Hilary, but that’s mostly due to Captain Hilary Becker from Primeval lol.

    Ashley, Morgan, and Avery aren’t too bad either, but I do prefer Avery for a girl.
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    I mean, I really like Luca and Finley, which I guess could be considered girls names, but they're really unisex.

    There's no classically feminine names I can think of that I prefer/like on a boy, I'm not sure why- It's likely because of associations. A genuinely feminine name I like is Arwen, and I could potentially see that name on a male, if my associations left my mind.
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