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Thread: Baby Spacing

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    Baby Spacing

    Whether you're a mom, TTC, expecting, or just planning ahead... What is your personal stance on baby spacing? By this, I mean the number of years between each of your children, if you are planning to have more than one. I'd love to hear about the pros and cons of different spacings.

    For example, here are some sibling spaces I currently know in real life, and I wonder which has the most benefits.

    Family A Kids:

    Age 15, Age 11 (4 years between #1 and #2)

    Family B Kids:

    Age 15, Age 14, Age 5 (1 year between #1 and #2, 9 years between #2 and #3)

    Family C Kids:

    Age 8, Age 5, Age 4 (3 years between #1 and #2, 1 year between #2 and #3)

    Family D Kids:

    Age 21, Age 9 (12 year between #1 and #2)

    So, what's your family's age spacing or what are you planning for the future?
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    I'm just a teen, so not ttc or expecting but just planning ahead. I've always wanted to have 4-6 kids, so I'd have the first two about 2 years apart, wait about 3 years, have the next two about 2 years apart, and then after that whatever happens happens.

    I think it would be really nice for my kids to all have a built in playmate. I'm almost 5 years older than my siblings who are twins, and I would often feel left out from them because I was so much older and they were the exact same age so they could relate to each other more.
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    If all goes to plan...

    DS1: born Dec 2017
    DS2: born January 2020
    ~mysterious future baby~: born June 2021

    DS1 and DS2 will be two years apart, DS2 and possible future baby #3 would be 1.5 years apart, DS1 and baby #3 would 3.5 years apart. June of 2021 I will be 28, breastfeed for up to two years, and then be done with baby experience by the time I am 30, after what will be nearly 6-7 years of consecutive pregnancies and baby rearing. Our kids will all be pretty close in age and I think that will have some benefits but it really is just about what works for you and what you want when planning your family.
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    There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Small age gaps mean the children are more likely to be interested in the same things, planning activities all will enjoy is easier, toys/clothes can be easily shared or passed down, and you spend less time struggling to find full-time childcare if both parents work. Bigger agegaps may mean they have less in common, bit older siblings might be more able to help, shared activities can be harder, but there should be less bickering over toys. You might not have kept some baby items if the age gap is big, meaning g you have to buy again, but at least you wont have to buy two lots in close proximity. You can save up more and maybe help kids with college/moving out, but kids with bigger agegaps may be less happy to share a room, if that's necessary. I'd imagine bigger age gaps are also less disruptive to the woman's career
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    I suppose everything has good and bad sides to it.
    For us, this is how things are and how I'd like them to be:

    My oldest son will be 5 years (and 6 months) old when my second is born. This wasn't planned, but it's just how things turned out. After that we'd like 2 more children (so 4 in total), with an age gap of about 1,5 or 2 years between each. That way (if the age gap is 2 years both times) I'll be 35 when our youngest is born.

    With this baby I think it's nice that my son is a bit older, so he can help with his little brother and he doesn't need the same amount of care that a toddler would need. On the other hand I don't think they'll be playing together a lot, because they'll be interested in completely different things. Our younger children will, if everything goes as planned, be able to play with each other, while my oldest might feel a bit "left out" because of the bigger age gap... I don't know, we'll see how things work out.
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