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Thread: Baby Spacing

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    I want my kids to be close in age but I also want to be able to enjoy all their milestones without the distraction of being pregnant or having a small baby eating up my time. I'd also like to only have one kid in diapers at a time. I got to experience changing five diapers in an hour between my newborn and my not quite potty trained stepson. Not fun. So I'm thinking 3 years before I try for another one.
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    My thee girls were 2 years apart each. In hindsight I would have preferred 3 years. The older one is a little more mature and parents are able to enjoy their time with the baby a little more. My sons were born 8 and 17 years after the youngest girls. I enjoyed them far more as babies. It does help to be an experienced mother.

    Several things to bear in mind.
    Too many babies born too quickly puts a lot of strain on Mum, and financial strain on the family.
    Conception does not always happen when we want it to happen.
    Sometimes babies do just come along unexpectedly. My brother and wife had two boys in 11 months.

    Best word of advice ENJOY your babies when they come, and accept that the timing may not be what you want.

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    I have LARGE age gaps between me and my siblings(19, 13 and 7yrs), and I don't want that for my kids. Im hoping for a 2-3yr age gap for our kids. Close enough to be interested in the same things, able to use hand me downs, but also enough time to heal up, get a handle on parenting, and give them the chance to make their own friends, and have their milestones celebrated separately.
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    There’s going to be a four year gap between my two, which I think is just right. I’ve observed that there tends to be more fighting, rivalry and/or jealousy when the kids are closer in age- most people think that if kids are only 1,2,3 years apart they’ll be the best of buds but at least in my experience that isn’t usually the case. When the first kids were a bit older they would be more caring and protective towards their younger sibling.
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