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Thread: Moses

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    Is it okay to use Moses if you’re not religious? I think it’s such a cute and strong name, so I want to know if it would be weird.

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    I think Moses is usable whether or not you're religious. I don't think it's weird at all. People will almost definitely think of the biblical figure though so if that makes you uncomfortable it might not be the name for you.

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    I would definitely assume you were religious but if you don’t mind that then go for it

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    I mean, I don't think it is completely removable from its well-known biblical namesake, but there are certainly worse associations out there. I think it would be fine for anyone to use. It's such an underrated, strong, and handsome name!

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    Moses is a lovely name, but I do think it would be strange to use it if you are not religious.

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    I think it's fine. I'm an atheist, and for some reason love a lot of Biblical male names (many I didn't know have religious meanings until joining nameberry). Personally, I wouldn't want to use two biblical names together, but I'm fine with one. The only two names I like but wouldnt use are Jonah, which is too tied to the whale story so I have Konas on my list, and Eden for a girl. Not because I cant use them, but because I personally wouldnt feel comfortable having that religious thought in my head. It's a matter of preference.
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    I think it's a fine name to use if your not religious.

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    Before I clicked on this thread, I thought, I like Moses, but it is definitely a religious name. I don’t think it is quite as removed from its religious roots as names like Luke, Jacob, Noah, etc.

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    It's a very handsome name - although I would definitely think you were somewhat religious. But I don't think that should stop you from using it.
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    I would assume you were religious. But I think it’s totally usable even if you aren’t. It’s a nice, strong, sweet name
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