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    If you for sure want a name that starts with D, I would go with Daisy, Della, or Daphne as previously suggested. If you’re open to other options, I think Violet would be completely perfect with sisters Alice, Clara, and Lucy!
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    Daphne was my first thought but I also love the previous suggestion(s) of Darcy!
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    My absolute top choice for you would be Eleanor Audrey. To my ear, it just sounds like she is meant to be the sister of your girls. Other combos I like:

    Helen Audrey
    Rose Audrey
    Hazel Audrey
    Frances Audrey
    Celia Audrey
    Leanor Audrey
    Dorothy Audra
    Diana Audrey
    Nora Audrey
    Pauline Audrey
    Delia Audrey
    June Audrey
    Mae Audrey
    Julia Audrey
    Doris Audrey
    Mabel Audrey
    Marcelline Audrey

    I would prioritize matching names in strength and spunk over letters and syllables.
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    I'd go with Daisy Audra or Dahlia Audrey–both are beautiful!

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    It would be so sweet if you kept the pattern going and used classic names with DA initials. I love the PP's suggestion of Daisy Audra, and was going to suggest Diana Audrey or Dorothy Audra myself and saw they'd already been mentioned!
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