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    I know a little girl named Brighton and she goes by Brightie. It's such a cute nickname and makes it really work for her! I didn't like the name before but I've really come to love it since meeting her.
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    I think its adorable.

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    When I read Brighton, I automatically thought masculine. I can see it more on a boy than on a girl, actually. Possibly more middle than first also.

    If I'd hear it on a girl I'd think it's an original, interesting choice... but it's not my style.

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    I like it, but only as a boy name. In my own personal opinion, I find it too masculine for a girl.
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    I find it a bit weird as I live in the UK and just think of the place. In the US though, I think you could use it- it has a similar sound and feel to names like Hudson and Cameron that sound a bit more masculine but are also used on girls, and I think most people in the US wouldn't have heard of the city anyways.
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    I think in Britain it's not very wearable - you would get constant comments about the place. In North America it would probably be more accepted though.

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