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    Is this too much? πŸ˜”

    My favourite name for a girl during my first pregnancy was Clementine. I still am madly in love with the name and really want to use it if we have another girl, but are Olive and Clementine too much together?

    I had never heard of the fruit connection until I first researched the name years ago, and I have never really heard it mentioned in conversation, but I’m sure most people are aware of the fruit connection...
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    I think Olive and Clementine would be a really cute sibset. I don’t see the food association when I look at these names, I just look at them and think that they’re beautiful names. Some people would definitely think of the food right off the bat, but that wouldn’t bother me too much if I loved the name. Olive and Clementine are much less obvious than Apple or Pear lol
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    I think they are fine together.
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    I think of the fruit connection... However, I actually like them together. To me they are perfectly paired as siblings because of their style and not because of the association.

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    I think they are great as a sibling set. Vintage charm, spunky, friendly, happy, and sunny.

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